Few steps closer to scoring a goal with the “drum roll”- Siddhant Boruah

Few steps closer to scoring a goal with the “drum roll”- Siddhant Boruah

October 8, 2017 0 By Illiterate Folks

This life is more than just a read-through.



Music is literally a part of me. It’s not something I want, but it’s something I need.

My journey till now has been really onerous. My story doesn’t include a hell lot of people, but only several people who have made me come this far through all ups and downs. But isn’t that the real struggle they say?
I never had a musical background in my family, though my mother likes to sing and she wouldn’t believe it when we say that she has a lovely voice. My father once lied at home when he told his parents that he was going to a friend’s place for sleepover, but actually he was travelling all the way from Guwahati(my birthplace) to Shillong to watch the legendary band Scorpions play, back in the 80’s. My family always loved music so I think that’s how I took this a little off the edge and got more serious with it.


It all started on that particular breakfast table somewhere around 2010, when mom would turn on the radio immediately after waking up in the morning, and that was like an alarm clock for me as it made me realise it’s time to wake up and get ready for school. Whenever the radio didn’t turn on, day would be a Sunday because we all used to wake up late in the morning. When we sat for breakfast, I used to jam along with the songs from the radio, my instrument their being- the table. Mom always used to shout on me and ordered me to stop, although that never happened. This went on everyday until D day- I remember, it was the 13th of January 2011 when I saw my first ever drum set entering our bungalow. I can never make you understand what my feeling was at that point of time, I was running, jumping, dancing around the porch. And I quickly set my drums on the porch out of total excitement and started playing the instrument. At that time I used to watch a lot of drum videos on YouTube at that time and also played my friend’s kit a couple of times earlier at school. This is how I eventually learnt to play basic beats on the drums. My family just looked at me when I checked out my new drum kit.
Things changed after that night, I watched YouTube videos and took online drum lessons. I started doing covers of my favorite songs.  Everything moved on too fast for me. I joined my school band, performed at the school functions. My school band also took part in an Inter-school band competition where we bagged the first prize. We called ourselves Distorted DNA. I never stopped after that, my band also took part in different band competitions outside school and most of the experience came from that. I met new people, different mindsets, different cultures, different natures, it was like a different world outside school. Playing gigs around the city introduced me to different musicians.
One fine day I got a text from a band’s manager I had met in one of the random events where I performed. His text said “We need a drummer for a band who is competing for India’s Got Talent and has already cleared the initial rounds, need to travel to Calcutta for the TV Round. Tell me if you are available.” What do you expect me to say? I was so surprised and excited. So, the coming weekend I meet up with the band members, audition for them and they really liked me, because I am handling drum duties for them, since then.The band is called Sukoon and this band has been a turning point in my journey. The band members are really inspiring and they gave me a better understanding of what making music and then sharing it with the world feels like.
There was no looking back since then, I toured almost everywhere in India with this project and it was like growing up with music, the community for me. Things were pretty awesome. I played for many different projects in the Guwahati Music Scene, formerly with Sukoon and latterly The Chromatix.
Years passed away and 2015 came, the time when I had school graduation. I scored a decent percentile which eventually made it possible for me to move to a bigger city.


I had to leave behind my Guwahati projects. I had to move to Delhi for my college and to explore the music scenario of the city, which I had only seen when I came here to perform or else on the internet.
Things are really different here. It worried me when it comes to trusting the people of this city on anything at the beginning. But it’s just a matter of time, it passes by. I have made some amazing friends over here and I also knew some of my Guwahati friends who were staying in Delhi from quite some time, which eventually made it easy for me to know how everything went over here.
I moved to Delhi on the month of June 2015 and was already playing for a Delhi Based Band “THE COSMIC TRUTH” by September. We got into contact with each other through mutual musician friends. The journey has been very beautiful with TCT, I have learnt a lot with them and they always make me feel like I am home. Till the end of 2015, I played several gigs in and outside Delhi. I was playing drums for two bands from the city. In 2016, TCT was the only music band from India which was selected to open for Finland band- INSOMNIUM in DUBAI.
Now let’s go back to my primary motive of moving to this city- HOTEL MANAGEMENT. I am graduating after 6 months and Jeez! allow me to tell you that, what a life it has been. My day usually starts at 7 o clock in the morning, college starts from 9am and ends around 5pm in the evening. I get an hour to rest, or sometimes two if I am lucky then I leave for my studio or rehearsals with my bands, I come back home around 2am, literally crash and wake up for college again. Can I say that 24 hours doesn’t seem enough for me? It’s dead tiring sometimes, it’s very challenging but I love to take up challenges because it’s fun. It keeps you going in life, teaches you a hell lot of things, doesn’t it? I am in my early 20’s now, if I don’t work hard now, when will I? I never had a father, it’s just me, my mother, and my brother, hence, making it more challenging for me at times to take care of the family along with my brother but the bad times should pass too and the good will come right? It’s just a phase, life is a phase entirely.
I’ve lived in Delhi for three years now and there’s definitely more to this place than meets the eye. I have travelled almost everywhere in India which contributes in adapting to a new atmosphere in just a matter of time. I am thankful to my family for this, who always taught me this right from the beginning. My family has supported me throughout. In a society where western music is still not appreciated, they always had kept me going and helped me see the whole world in a different way. Which eventually makes me want to work harder so that I can be a support system to the family as soon as possible. So yes, it has been a hill ride till now and there’s more to come.
Till the time you read this about me, I would be working on a new project (soon to be revealed) . This is again a total different genre of music and I am excited to show you what I have planned ! That’s all for me now, this is my story till now and I hope I made sense to you even a little bit.
Just don’t give up on your passion, at times it will get very tough managing, at times everything will make you depressed, but again, isn’t that just a phase? It will pass and you will be happy, that’s all that matters! Sweat hard, work harder, party like you always wanted to!

“Drum and Live”

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