Stepping Up to Dancing with Life – Randeep Singh

Stepping Up to Dancing with Life – Randeep Singh

October 20, 2017 1 By Randeep Singh

My name is Randeep Singh Chahal. I am 24years old and currently living in Sydney, Australia🇦🇺I am an artist (Dancer/Choreographer/Dance Teacher/Youtuber). I have been dancing since childhood but being professionally trained since 7 years at Pankaj and Preeti dance academy, a well known academy in Punjab, India. I am the one and only dancer in my family. None of my family members are supportive of my dancing. I was fond of “step of the day” in kinder garten. Since then I am fond of dancing and have been participating in various school dancing events.  

A small incident that made me realize my talent was in 6th grade when a bunch of kids were chosen for a school event. During rehearsals the teacher played music and we were asked to make steps .I automatically started and the teacher was impressed; that day I realized my talent. Later in 10th grade I enrolled for a dance class which my mother didn’t approve of. I never quit the classes and used to lie to my mother about it and continued taking them. I used to bunk my tuitions. I was bonkers for dancing, as always. Once I had participated in a huge competition-Super Dancer. The dates clashed with one of my exams and I had not studied a single word due to the excitement! I appeared in the exam but left the answer sheets blank!  I failed in that exam, but no regrets because I won the first prize and the title of super dancer in my city! 

As my parents never approved my dancing, I was even kicked out of my house for dancing and was brought back with a promise of never dancing again. I never mended my ways 😉 and today I am the head choreographer of Pankaj and Preeti dance academy!

I am my own inspiration and my imagination is my best teacher. I tend to blend my imagination into my body movements while choreographing a piece of music. Synchronization and coherence are my key points.

I have been featured in a book named as “25 Dancers & Choreographers” among from 25 Dancers from all around the world. I was the only dancer/choreographer from india featured in the book. The book is published by BG Media production and the name of the author is Mr. Brandon Gibbons from America. The book is available on I have also been featured in The Tribune a well known newspaper of India. 

The legendary Michael Jackson Matt Steffanina, Willdabeast and Adam G. Sevani are favorites.

Hip-Hop is my absolute state of mind. I am a versatile dancer with skills in Salsa, contemporary, popping-locking; Semi classical, folk dances of Punjab (bhangra and gidha) but hip hop is something I live for!

Currently I am working as the head choreographer at Pankaj and Preeti dance academy.

Mr. Pankaj Vig & Mrs. Preeti Singh – My Teachers

I dropped out of many colleges, chose dancing over education. I gave priorities to practices over my family functions, parties, get together, chilling with friends. Today all is worth it.

The time 2pm – 8pm Monday to Sunday is the thing that keeps me going as it’s the rehearsal time.

People can learn to be dedicated, creative, fanatic, hard working, imaginative learn to make an effort to strive for the best each time with new ideas    

Dance to me is as necessary as breathing is! I don’t dance because I want to but because I need to. It is passion, madness, happiness, fun, seriousness, and life, everything to me. It is the reason I wake up every morning, so damn happy. I feel I have some craziness in my feet that’s my friends call me “the boy with crazy feet!“.

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Hip hop is my kind of fashion and style. I just don’t dance hip hop, I feel it and live it. I respect all dance forms but hip hop is my language. I feel hip hop rules and all the legendary dancers are hip hoppers. To me hip hop is a mindset that unites all. The World of Dance movement is all about hip hop dancing. It attracts and rules.

I feel dancing is a culture that motivates people, reunites the people from different  races and cultures to  come together and be in sync with an unified beat !

Truth is everyone is a dancer. The nature is the best choreographer. The water, the waves, the leaves, the human heart all dance in joy. The body is just a medium to express. Every size is a beautiful expression of this amazing art!  Dance has got nothing to do with size. Dance is such a sexy and a happy way to lose weight (to the plus sized beauties) 😉


  • Work hard and smart.
  • Don’t imitate but create
  • Hit the choreography at the best
  • Make it annoyingly different so that you become a trend. Cause normal sucks.
  • Don’t follow the style, be the style.
  • The more you are creative, the more you earn it.
  • Make your feet crazy and Kill the beats in your own style.

P.S- I dance in my own style, rhythm, way .I don’t catch the beats, the beats catch me!


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