Spread your wings and fly – Shivangi Singh

Spread your wings and fly – Shivangi Singh

October 25, 2016 0 By Shivangi Singh

My story is a little sad, but it’s not meant for you to sympathize with me rather look up to the optimistic parts and be happy about how life works. It all started at a very young age, I was always very keen on playing outdoor games. Being outside with friends playing always led to flying of time unnoticed by me. Even when I entered my puberty I couldn’t resist playing, though as per my parents and the society I should’ve stopped. As per them after entering sixth class you should never waste time on playing and very much concentrate on your studies and if you don’t you will never be able to survive in this world. I was tired of hearing these taunts and jibes from relatives and family about not studying properly. No one was even ready to talk about my passion for sports, forget understanding it. The only way parents knew was to scold although I so needed somebody to sit and talk with so that I could let out all what was inside me but then nobody was ready to listen.

The things continued in the similar manner for a long time and I still didn’t lose hope. It took a lot from me to concentrate on my studies and sideline the sports, but as they say, “Anything that gets your blood racing is worth doing” couldn’t allow me to leave sports. After a certain age I chose hockey as my main sport and started learning it with a great zeal in me. In the 8th grade came the most crucial part of my life, so big so that i couldn’t let my happiness out without crying. I got selected for playing hockey nationals.


My parents were not very happy with the fact as for playing nationals I had to go out, also it demanded a lot of practice and hence, my time. This led to my loss of concentration on my grades which caused my parents real anger and they decided to have a word with my school principal. After having the talk I got to know that my parents have banned me for playing any sport and I was in deep agony. I somehow finished my schooling and joined the college. There on the very first I couldn’t resist and directly went to the sports ground and till today I have been continuing my passion hoping that someday it will achieve me something big. I was let down at many steps in my life but my passion brought me up every time. For me when I want something I simply want it no matter what. I still play my games with total belief in me, not even a single word from anybody caused me to doubt my capability. I know I have done it once I know I will do it again.

Throughout the many ups and downs in my life the only thing that kept me going was the journey of my grandfather. I have seen him dealing with problems at every step in his life but he crossed every hurdle with great success. He always called me his ‘son’ and told me that there’s nothing that I can’t do. Today every girl is told that you cant go out alone or in the late hours. You can’t do the stuff like racing, trips, etc. since it’s not something girls do but i proved it as I did it all and today my dream is to buy my favorite bike KTM Duke from my first salary.

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I do win many medals and appreciation which causes second thoughts in my parent’s minds that what if they had let me play?, what if I could’ve attained great heights in that sector?, and many more what ifs. My parents still do not trust me completely and I do not blame them for that. Now they are not just worried about my studies but also about my lifestyle assuming that I am living in a metro city so I would be in a wrong company. It’s still not totally their fault as they have been born and brought up with the same knowledge. So guys no wonder your parent’s might have a wrong approach towards dealing with you but they can never have wrong intentions considering your life. All they worry about is for you to lead a happy life and do not repeat the mistakes they have done in their lives. This reason at times causes their concern to become as over-protection and lack of trust, but do remember guys they are your parents and you can always talk to them, trust me they’ll listen with open ears.

My father now, feels proud when other people who once told him that I am a girl and should not be allowed to do such stuff, but now they are the ones who come and say you should let her aspire her dreams, she is made for bigger things. I really wish that my grandfather was alive to witness this from his own eyes and could say, “I am proud of you my son. ” But this will just remain a wish as i lost him in an accident.

My Grandfather would continue to be my inspiration lifelong, in every new step of my life and in every bold decision I make. I got mine and you’ll get yours too.


There might be some already having their share of inspiration. So to the ones who have and to the ones who are yet to get there’s one thing I would like to share, believe yourself and you will achieve every goal in your life. Life is definitely not a bed of roses but if you are passionate enough to achieve something there’s nothing that can stop you.

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