Portrait of a Sound – Rishi Baruah

Portrait of a Sound – Rishi Baruah

December 2, 2016 0 By Rishi Baruah

Hello, guys! My name is Rishi (or Debarshi, if you are feeling too formal). I play the drums for my band called Dreamscapade, a metal band from New Delhi.

At a time when I was learning tabla from my dad, I used to listen to a lot of pop artists and boy bands, so I was never really intrigued by drums. A guy in my colony introduced me to Linkin Park, then Green Day, then Blink 182, and all the punk bands of the 2000s. Damn! That’s how I got into the type of music I listen to nowadays.

I began air-drumming and learning the basics of drums. My parents saw my eagerness and got me a kit and I started covering all those bands I heard as a kid. People came and introduced me to new bands every day, and I had the itch to try out everything.


Scenario shifted when I came here to Delhi for college in 2011. I was staying in a hostel in my first year. No drum kit, no practice pad, and completely new to this scene. It was depressing! Needless to say, in order to somehow still continue to play music, I joined a band. The only silver lining of that band was I met Nivrith, the current guitarist of Dreamscapade.

Me and him used to cover a lot of thrash bands when we were ‘not jamming’ with the rest of the members of the Sufi band. We connected, and decided to work together more often. Our friendship bonded more we met, and we met every day.


Next year, I opted out from the hostel and rented a flat with a few friends. I asked my parents to send the drum kit here in order to get one step closer to forming a band. We jammed, jammed and then, jammed some more! We got two more friends to jam with us, and that’s how Dreamscapade was formed.

Three-four years to now, I am really proud of my band, whatever people may say. Being in a metal band in India, it is tough, straight fact! When we came together in 2012, we tried to get into college competitions, but could not be enlisted since we were a metal band. So, we were like, let’s try our hands at scoring gigs (real LIVE shows, not competition).

As luck would have had it, we scored our debut gig at Night Wrath Broadway, 2014, Blue Frog, Delhi, by Cacophony Networks. Man, I was shit scared! Playing college gigs was fine, if you don’t play well, you get disqualified. But in a gig like this, plus the fact we were debuting at Blue Frog, screwing up means screwing your band’s future.

We started off with a cover song of Parkway Drive; received decent claps. Next, we played our song called Comma. I saw people moshing and headbanging to our music. Yes, OUR MUSIC! The best feeling ever! In short, the night ended with a bang. People actually loved our LIVE show as much as we did performing!edit_one

Two years down the line, we played a couple of more shows in venues like Matchbox and Barrels. But, our band highlight would be the North East Festival 2015. As simple as I would keep it, we first played at the Carnival Stage (small stage). We put up a show (since we were the only metal band there). Organisers approach and asked us to open the Main Stage. That was the craziest and greatest thing for us ever!

But that was just the bright side of being in a band. When we started off, like I just mentioned, some college festivals would not even acknowledge us, let alone judge. I tell my friends, yeah, we are a metal band. It’s the same notion everywhere – Ah! Metal band. Screams. Growls. Ohhlaalaa! Jamming would become an issue sometimes. We used to jam at my place, which was near a marketplace, so normally, the sound wasn’t an issue. But sometimes, the owner would turn up and shout at us to stop. Plus, being college kids, we used to have no money to book a jampad.

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Still, we persevered and are working hard. Right now, we are recording our debut EP, which we hope to release by early 2017. I am Dreamscapade. Dreamscapade is me.

Other than this, I am also a photographer (I guess!). I mostly cover metal gigs in Delhi and Bombay (whenever I go there). Sometimes, I dare to take my camera to the streets to capture the essence of Delhi.12120144_10207606756027945_1454557275623136107_o


Photography grew inside me when I was in my second year in college. What intrigued me was the quality of pictures. Since I did not have a camera, I used to borrow it from friends. Having practised my hands on those cameras, I finally got myself a DSLR in my final year, and since then, I have just been clicking and clicking away!

My best work in photography till now would be Lockdown Festival, feat Karnivool. Oh man, the lightings, the venue, the bands, amazing! I shot some of my best photos in that gig.

I drum and I click. These are my two passions. It’s not exactly very difficult to maintain these two hobbies. My saying is – When I go to a venue for an event, I either click photographs, or I perform. Simple as that!15110960_10210931258258423_4678129802602564668_o

Since I play in a metal band and don’t do photography professionally (for now), I write for my daily food. I have been working as a writer and editor for more than two years now, and have never regretted anything!

So yeah, that is basically me! Sorry for the long post! Eat well, Sleep well!! 


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