Plotting Curves To Jotting Words – An Engineer’s Journey to Becoming a Writer- Vaishali Easwaran

Plotting Curves To Jotting Words – An Engineer’s Journey to Becoming a Writer- Vaishali Easwaran

November 27, 2017 1 By Vaishali Easwaran

“What inspired me to write?” Love.Life.He.Breakup.Nature.etc.etc, I can go on with such cheesy answers endlessly. But in reality what made me write was the thirst for recognition and languages.I had no plans of sitting idle knowing 6 different languages. Isn’t it the answer in most cases? Though we are afraid to accept it and say it out loud, cause we think we will look selfish. Among the umpteen things in the world I wanted, finding fame through writing was what I wanted to do for my own.

  I started reading books when I was around 2 years old. It was love at first sight, even way before I knew the true meaning of love. Ever since then let it be any occasion all I ever longed for was book and books and more books. They say you start realizing the real world and try to escape the reality when you start understanding yourself. Maybe I started understanding myself much earlier than the rest of my chums that I actually felt at home within books than the actual life when I was practically in 4th to 5th grade. By now you must be assuming a person with so much boring background must be boring too. But on the contrary I was the fun of the group. I have always been the Phoebe of the group. I am someone who loves to be surrounded by people on anytime of the day. I hate being secluded.

Now, I would like to tell about my journey as an engineer to a writer, but I promised my friends not to bore you like everyone else always making sure to convey that engineering was a mistake. But to me engineering was my choice of study, which is something I would like to confess here. It all started around my third year of college, when I was showing around my poems to my friends. And one of my friend had a eureka moment and asked me to open up a blog. I have never seen him do anything right till now, but he sure brought a pinch of excitement to my life with his idea. Hence, I opened up a blog. I did receive good comments but not enough reach. Then I looked up to Instagram and opened my page Vaish_writes. I know many people are already aware of this, but seriously I don’t think we‘ll ever be able to put ourselves out there if it was never for social media. Like every other meme on the internet I would also like to thank Google, Instagram, Facebook and a few other app’s on my phone, oh yes, and my phone importantly in helping my dreams come true.

It all seems like a dream when things rush in too fast in life. That’s how I have felt about this journey so far. Within a few months of making my identity fairly well in Instagram. I was given an opportunity to work in an anthology, when all this was already too much to take. But time I realized this I had already signed up for two more anthologies. Three big breaks all at the same time made my life seem too good to be true. On the other hand, after putting up a few of my verses many people started asking me to do write-up’s for them. For someone who still relied on pocket money from her parents, earning money through the writing’s seemed like a very good idea.

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The good thing about working at different places is meeting new people.

When working on the anthology I came across the best writers in town and we all seemed to share mostly common interests

That’s when “Jottings for You” hit me. I wanted to give a platform for all and at the same time let them earn money. In JFY this seemed like a possibility, we showcased our writing and at the same time earned money through it. We offer poems in 3 languages English, Hindi and Tamil.

I have seen so many entrepreneurs’ telling me that it’s not easy being one and we have to make a huge initial investment for the same. But the truth is since we are in the century which seems to rely on e-market; being an entrepreneur is the easiest position you can treat yourself to. Just find your inspiration, look for mates with similar thinking, open few social media pages, get yourself a website and voila! You are there. You are your own master now.

Even though you are given with all these, like every other successful tale, most prominently you need your parent’s to have your back and am glad mine have been with me from the initial step of everything I have achieved so far.

Vaishali Easwaran

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