From Passion to Profession – Varsha Nair(whARTever)

From Passion to Profession – Varsha Nair(whARTever)

May 26, 2016 0 By Varsha Nair(whARTever)

Little did I know that helping a friend in the last moment with his dance costume would help me find my path to success.

It started during my college days when one of my friends wanted a special picture painted on his shoe for his dance programme. Painting on a shoe? The idea didn’t strike well with me in the beginning. I couldn’t refuse him either, so I obliged and at the end of the show his costume- shoe & tee painted by me was a super hit amongst the students. There were instant appreciations,followed with several orders with variety of designs of their own choice. That’s how I ventured into a path not trodden by many—Customized art.


This instant success took me to fame among my batch mates and orders started to flow through without even marketing. People were pleased with my work and the mouth-to- mouth publicity started working in my favor. Art was always my passion. Seeing that your work is being appreciated by many, the best feeling ever! But with end of college, orders began to dry up.


I belong to a conservative Malayali family. As soon as the cash flow stopped, my already skeptical parents pushed me more to get a job that would pay me regularly. The idea of selling customized art never pleased them. Succumbed to family pressure and zero cashflow, I had to take up a job to keep the show going. It just took me the training sessions to realize that I was in a place I don’t belong. In a month, I was out.


Art is my forte. There is always work satisfaction, when you are pursuing a profession of your choice. In my case it’s my passion. I enjoy artistic creativity. In customized art, you have to transform the ideas from the mind of the customers into artistic forms. Its challenging and creativity unbound. I adore my profession. With renewed zest and hunger to prove it to the family that customized art can be a profession, I started finding ways to sell my artwork in the web-sphere. Understanding that mouth-to- mouth publicity is not enough to reach the large mass, I immersed myself in finding ways to successfully market in social media. In a slow yet steady pace, today the passionate venture whARTever has sold more than 10000 artworks in the form of customized shoes, portraits, doodles, memory book, wall- painting, etc.13012879_1067701529938618_5304525848546907728_n

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The best part of my work? I get to hear a new story everyday!

My artworks are inspired by people’s real life incidents. They share their stories with me and I help them recreate it, preserve it, cherish it. My profession makes me realize everyday that real life is nothing less than a fairy tale. I enjoy the air of positivity around me when people share their stories of love, friendship and bonding. There are guys wanting to propose their girls, there are friends reminiscing their old memories, there are children adoring their parents. My profession helps me to be surrounded by happiness.


There is lot of love and happiness around us, whARTever just helps you express it.

Message to the readers –


In whatever field you are , as far as possible , be of your own… Khud ke dam par jeeneka mazaa, kuch aur hi hai! 😀

Thank you.

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