On a journey to catch a daydream- Jayant Bhadula

On a journey to catch a daydream- Jayant Bhadula

November 27, 2016 0 By Jayant Bhadula

I just had a few friends in school;like I knew a lot of people but wasn’t really friends with them, you know what I mean right ? So from this small group of friends 2 of them had unconditional faith in me, they worked hard for their dreams and pushed me to work my ass off to reach mine.They are the sole reason I didn’t give up on my dream of becoming a musician, now they have reached their goals, one is a successful engineer and is in Bangalore and other one is serving in Indian Army and is posted in Kashmir and I am struggling with music but their faith never ends in me and that has truly inspired me to be the best, their faith in me is my impetus.


Moving forward I didn’t really work with bands for the first year of my college,the previous line up had collapsed and I had given up hopes for it and I just thought,hey! lets just focus on the god damn engineering and then lets just get a desk job like the masses around me.When I had finally given in and was going to fall for the trap I met Sahil Sharma and Kireet Sharma at a mutual friends place and we clicked and started off with “The Cosmic truth”.

This band is my baby and the way Sahil Sharma was soo into what we were doing literally inspired me to put equal amount of work and even surpass what he was doing.This guy was the main reason I worked hard cause I saw him working his ass off for the dream we all shared and now finally we are set to drop our debut EP this January 2017.
It was because of the cosmic truth I got to meet a lot of amazing people like Vishesh Singh who is like a brother now, this guy literally senses all my emotions and literally no one has pushed me to work on myself like Vishesh has done over the years.


We went to record our first single to this guy called Sahil Dhingra who did a great job doing that but moreover we guys clicked as buddies he is now the bassist for the cosmic truth.
This man helped me through almost everything and he inspired me to stay optimistic in life what may come, you will find this guy with the same stupid look he carries the whole time no matter what he is going through, despite of his problems he is ready to help others with whatever he can and that has influenced me massively.


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Finally through Vishesh I met Karan Katiyar, we started off with this little studio project called “Bloodywood” which later on got serious and we still are working hard on it.This guy left his job btw which was paying him a good amount per month just to focus on his dreams, music, and this guy literally made me realise that –



‘Its not stupid to run for your dreams.”

He plays very practically for all the situations we go through and its him who has inspired me to do so in life to sit back and think about everything and plan accordingly.

Thank you

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