Not Even Midway- Mike Ash

Not Even Midway- Mike Ash

October 5, 2016 0 By Mike Ash

Well to start with, my story is more of experiences and less of achievements..
I could’ve been a regular teen, doing nothing but just studying and shit,but I thank my 4th std teacher who asked me to take part in class assembly in the music choir.I had not yet tried my hands in signing or music, I didn’t even like music, I was just a kid back then, not even aware what my hobbies are.So I auditioned for the music choir (in 4th grade lmao) and the music teacher applauded and appreciated my singing.
I was shocked, like why is he getting all fired up? It was just a normal ‘sargam’ he asked me to perform.But to my surprise, he said I sang too good for a fourth grader.I felt happy! Like yeah bitch! In your face!
Also, kinda completed cause I’ve never been an athletic kid, I mean, while all my friends played and participated in sports (literally all of them), I just sat under the trees chilling (this is still the case).
Before getting into music, I was more into other co-curricular like play, narration, but it was in 5th grade that I had decided that if it had to be in anything, it had to be music, hands down.And then, I realized I had started listening to songs that were unusual for a junior school student to listen to.While other kids listened to ‘honey singh’ or ‘aatif aslam’ (yes atif aslam) I used to listen to green day, bfmv, linkin park🤘 (I don’t listen to linkin park anymore cz I feel they’ve lost their touch)
So yea, that was pretty much it.Then one day I decided I wanted to play the guitar.So I asked my father to get one for me and he got me one.Then, everything fell into pieces.I was enlightened and I felt like ‘yeah man, do hell with everything else, ‘this piece of musical goodness was made for me’.

And then, goodbye singing, welcome guitar.I was playing guitar all the time.I was still in school (ironically, I still am) and that’s where I got all the exposure and everytime was an overwhelming experience.
But then, 10th grade happened, but I never let music take a back seat (which is again ironic cause i was not performing anywhere but in fact, playing by myself).
And I scored just above average, disappointing my family.Did music take a back seat then? Hell no!
In fact, a friend of mine contacted me and he asked me that ‘bro, will u play the guitar in my band?’ I thought ‘well, he’s stupid if he expects a “no”‘ and I said hell yeah man! Lets do this!
So we got other members from BAD(bands association of delhi) and the band was on!

Now I’d like to thank bridge music academy for letting us use their music room as our jampad, for free, almost everytime.
The first serious stage we played on was ‘Armageddon battle of the bands 2015’ that was conducted in Maharaja Agrasen Institute of Technology.
And we won! Hell yeah!Despite of thinking that we were not prepared, and composing one of the song in the playlist, just a day before the battle, we won! It was a huge victory because we were so young and we competed against bands who were much more older and professional than us, we won and that called for a party in Mcdonalds somewhere in rohini or pitampura idr.

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So the music life was now a serious one and I was dedicating almost 96% of my time for music and rest 4% for sleeping.We were getting a lot of opportunities.Like exodus, moodindigo, etc.After armageddon, we got 2 of our OCs recorded namely ‘broken valentine’ and ‘these wounds will never heal’
You can find them on YouTube.Btw, the name of our band was ‘My Soul Side Journey’.
After the songs were recorded, I the unlucky guy, caught dengue and skipped about 3 gigs because of it.The band played in moodindigo without me.It’s fine, we were doing good.
We started playing gigs at Camino pub, under Buskers Unite.
And started looking for more gigs. We never really got any proper gigs other than battle of the bands. Why? I don’t really know… Maybe because we were new and not renowned.
But music was never compromised.We pretty much fucked up live too, sometimes.Like Mtv indies allegro and also the great Strawberry Fields.
Strawberry Fields, Bangalore was a great experience! We met some really cool people.It was first time for me that I stepped outside delhi and travelled without my parents and it was worth it!
Well, the performance was not as good as we expected it to be. Not making excuses, but we worked really hard and I personally believe that you have to experience failures to learn somethings new!
The failures were disheartening but the experience was worth it.Our achievements? Getting featured in Vans Warped Tour battle of the bands, where we almost made it to the finals with 88% score (100% was required for the finals)
Getting featured in various magazines, which I don’t remember the names of (I want to play the guitar, not remember the magazines).

Ranking no.6 in delhi’s top 10 underground bands at reverbnation.And also, going live at 94.3 radioOne fm 🙂
This year, stepping in 12th grade and also, by observing the metal scene in delhi, I realised that music has to take a back seat. Its not very easy to be a professional musician unless you are phenomenal at doing what you do. The fact that most of the musicians I met are still pursuing their major, made me realise how important it is to first, get a college graduation.
All I know now is that I need to get into a good college because I am certainty not a bright student, so, in order to achieve that, I need to study and get good grades in 12th boards and that is what I’m preparifor right now. I’ve parted ways with the band, the band is inactive for now. Will we return in future? We don’t really know.
Will I return in future? Hell yeah!!
Is it time to say goodbye to music? Lmao! Bitch please, its never the time to say goodbye to music. Not from my side at least!
All i know is, I may not appear in front of the crowd right now, but that is not the end of my journey.Cause I want to achieve more.And as said before, my story is not about achievements, its about experiences.
The journey is still on fam
Peace out!
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