The New Age of Non-Sense – Harshad Nambiar

The New Age of Non-Sense – Harshad Nambiar

June 15, 2016 0 By Harshad Nambiar

 Hi Everone.My name is Harshad Nambiar, and I am a CA student who wants to flair creatively.

I had always, been into art, books writing and reading.

So, I became part of a team of people who planned to take YouTube videos two years back. I joined in, for script writing and was hoping that they would use my scripts to make videos professionally..
But they kept delaying and delaying even after so many months, the plans were not put into motion.

Then I took up the responsibility of shooting the videos, but asked them to edit and upload. But since they delayed that too beyond the point,I along with Sushmita and Arvind, who are not from any arts back ground as well, (Sushmita is a commerce student and Arvind is an engineering student), along with another friend Rahul, took our first video without any script, dialogue with just an iPhone and did a quick editing and uploaded to our channel.


We got better response for our premiere video than we expected and that made us pursue this concept of Impromptu videos.

Though the other group had all the fancy gadgets, they still hadn’t started on making their dream a reality.

While we used the little time and resources we had to make the videos better on the go.
We have opted for impromptu because we believe in speaking our hearts out,than blindly expressing dialogues.

Also in actual reaction than a fake action.
The topics that we choose are the ones close to our hearts. In order to keep it interesting we make funny videos from time to time.We made our friends who were interested in the concept,to form part of the cast.


What started with four members now has reached to around 17. We have a pool of actors, editors and camera people now. Slowly working on having scripted series as well parallely.
All of our members go for work or college, and we meet and shoot in our free time.
Within a short span of three months, we have made 15+ videos, all of them shot with an iPhone with on the spot voice recording.
Currently we are looking to widen the circle with more actors, camera person, editors, script writers, marketers and locations, of all age, sex, native, background and mind set, united only by passion and the urge to create.

The Driving Force



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The Driving for Non sense Media Inc is the creative child part of us that we repress in this technical and mind oriented world. The videos that we take helps us to be with the people we like, eat the food that we want and talk about the things that matter to us and share it with the people and inspire them with our effort.

All being in the busy schedule that we are, we take time to meet and make videos, expressing ourselves to the world which is more to us than the fame or money we might get. For us, the driving force is the passion to create and communicate something that is close to our heart to this world.

The Setbacks

The places where we are challenged is the lack of technical equipment. Most of our videos as of now have poor audio quality.We don’t have a proper location to shoot, like a studio. A secluded coffee shop is often chosen,where sometimes there are unavoidable background noises.

iPhone scarcity! Since the video quality is better in iPhones and we use another iPhone for audio. In the group three of us have iPhones and once when they aren’t in town, we shoot with other phones but the audio and video wouldn’t sync and we end up dropping the video upload.

Plans also fail because most of us are busy with our own schedules. In between client meetings and GRE classes, weekends are also packed with family functions and other obligations. Since our actors pool is quite wide, we end up bringing people. Sometimes, when people are ample, we shoot three , two videos in one go!Time to edit is another issue. Since only a hand few have been editing the videos, even after the shoot we take time to edit and upload.


We maintain the page FB page and market it by ourselves. Most of the videos take time to reach the viewers but we are working on that.

The Initial Struggle-Prior to Non sense Media Inc, we worked with another team called Commixxing. Where we weren’t considered for our scripts. It was mostly sidetracked or not taken into consideration.  They wanted to make the perfect Hollywood style script with no money and lack of passion, the dream of two years did not manifest.

It was definitely surprising when more people became an integral part of the team just with a few shoots. We committed to ourselves that the Non Sense Media Team won’t slag, and would keep “doing” more than just “thinking” or “talking”.


With too much melodrama and graphic scenes of sex and violence in TV and the internet on the whole. We wanted to give a subtle range of feel good videos, which might not make you laugh out loud,but make you smile.
We are looking at a community of creative people collaborating to make things candidly.
👆that’s our Motto
Thank you .

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