My Life 2.0 – A Journey From Passion To Profession – Khushbu Batra

My Life 2.0 – A Journey From Passion To Profession – Khushbu Batra

July 16, 2017 0 By Khushbu Batra


Coming from a modest service class family, it was always difficult for me to break through the shackles of stereotype of entering into the life of corporate job; however, I somehow managed to do so.

As a child, I was always a wandering and creative (at least that’s what I have been told by my near ones) soul. I was never ready to walk the path on which everyone’s walking. I always tried to make a path of my own. Living in a metro city like Delhi, you are expected to gain education, put that to use only and only on a clichéd corporate job.

Juggling with the peer and society pressure, I was forced to make a choice of my “own” i.e. to choose a well designed path that leads to glorified corporate, top notch job. But I was made to believe that what I REALLY wanted to do was never an option for my future but only a hobby.

I am Khushbu Batra, a qualified Company Secretary, commerce graduate, Post graduate diploma holder in Corporate Law and Management. Having done that I was always touted as the prospective employee of a MNC. I, in fact, worked in a top tier Law firm. However, the story does not end here as my hidden and buried passion of dance and baking was brought back to life and I decided to make a path of my own, i.e. be my real self.

Dancing has always been my passion. Dancing has been an integral part of my life. For me, dancing is the medium to emote my feelings be it my anger or my happiness. I always took dancing as a fitness regime too, I was a staunch believer of an idea of dancing as a fitness workout.

During my school days, I avidly participated in all kind of dance programmes, festivals etc. At the age of 6, my parents enrolled me for Kathak Dance classes. In 2006, I also joined dance classes at the Shiamak Davar’s dance school. May be after one or two batch, I was given an opportunity to be part of the Special Potential Batch, wherein I could actually nurture my dancing. This story sounds so simple and easy, however, this was not one bit easy.

I believe that was the time when my struggling days actually began as I really wanted to be part of the batch. In order to take pay for the batch, I worked for Shiamak Davar’s office as an enrolment staff. I devoted my good amount of time juggling between my dance classes, enrolment job and my studies and as at that point of time, I was doing my graduation as well as pursuing my company secretary course.

I won’t say, my parents were against it, but it was never worth it too, because this was still a hobby for them. They could not understand my passion for dance. Sadly, due to compelling reasons, I lost track on my passion for dancing and I also became part of the world at large and started to thrive for a good job in a corporate.

Unfortunately, when I was appearing for my Final in Company Secretary Course, due to undue stress on education coupled with no – physical activity and a sweet tooth for bakery products, I developed a condition of hormonal imbalance. It took me almost two years to recover from that, however, during my recovery period, I did alot of research wherein I found out that in today’s world, 70-80% of girls are suffering from this problem and all due to the irregular bad eating habits, no physical activity, and it was the time, when I revived my passion for dancing but this time as a fitness workout. Since, I was also a passionate baker, I used to bake at home, it stuck me that why not develop a concept of healthy baking i.e. Bakery products but made for health conscious people. I was enthralled by the idea of Healthy Baking and the idea that people who love to eat bakery products can eat them without developing unhealthy eating habits.

It was the time, when I started to brush my skill and knowledge on Healthy Baking and I got myself enrolled for some Advanced Baking Lesson, wherein I undertook training for few days at the Kitchen at Hotel Radisson in Delhi and also for two months under a Chef.

In 2014, I had completed my education and also had experienced the life of a corporate, I was experiencing a relapse with my condition of Hormonal imbalance as working in a corporate culture takes a toll on you and your health.

This was enough to made me realise that I am not made for this. That creative and wandering “Khushbu” had a revival and that was it. I changed my path and started my journey on a different path altogether.

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Needless of the fact that this was very difficult for me to leave aside my high paying job and follow my dreams. That was it and I finally decided to follow the path of my own.

In order to conceptualize my idea of Healthy Baking, I started to meet various people for discussing the idea, however, the market of Healthy Baking is so niche as well as cost intensive that it was hard for to making people understand and convince about the pros of this concept. With a very modest investment, I started my production house, from where I could get the healthy products made and sell it in the market. It was really hard for me to thrive and run the production house as I had very less support from my family as far money and time investment is concerned. It became very difficult to convince my parents for investment as my parents are from service background and they found the business as a risky proposal.

Since I started this production house with a modest investment, I had to look after the management, procuring supply, promotion, kitchen, recipes, labour and practically all the aspects without support from anyone. Unfortunately, my idea did not take off well and I had to shut my production house after a span of 6 months.

In the meantime, I completed my certification course as Dance Fitness Trainer under the name and style of BOOIAKA® Certified trainer. BOOIAKA is dance based fitness workout which aims at fitness as an ultimate goal with the help of dance routine performed on various song of various tempos. I also became a certified Functional fitness trainer, which certification was affiliated to AFAA (Athletic and Fitness Association of America).

Healthy Baking is still a priority for me, I am struggling alot to bring my idea in the market in a concrete shape. Since, this is a niche as well as cost intensive market, I know, this will take some time, rest assured, I am hopeful to bring out my idea in the market in the way I want to do.

I can proudly say that in today’s world of unhealthy habits, I am trying my level best to encourage people to indulge into fitness regimes and helping people develop healthy eating habits and make their life healthier and alot happier.

I am now working as a Freelance fitness trainer. I provide fitness consultancy, personal training to various clients. I have been taking regular batches at various dance studios and Gym. I still insist that I am still in my learning stage and struggling period. My struggling days are not yet over but I can say that on my bad days too, I know that I got myself into this and I am happy to struggle till I achieve what I really want to achieve.

I have still been going post to post, pillars to pillars to gather a team that believe in my idea of healthy baking. The idea behind healthy baking and that too in my way i.e. zero compromise of quality, is not an easy task for me as the markets in India are only concerned about less cost, however, I, on the other believe, that we need a market that keeps quality as a benchmark, rather than just being clichéd and involving lesser cost.

Apparently, I am still providing corporate consultancy to various clients, I still haven’t left my profession as a Company Secretary. I am using my corporate expertise to provide consultancy to my clients. I am a proud Part time Corporate Consultant – Part Time Dance Fitness Trainer.

However, I still haven’t got the acceptance from society, they never stopped me from doing this but they never really took my other profession seriously, for them it is still my hobby. But I have no regrets in this because right now I am doing what I really wanted to do i.e. work in order to be HAPPY.

One thing I always say and believe that I can proudly give credit to my parent’s upbringing that made me so strong and independent in life and it also provided me with the courage to stand up to what I believed is right for me. In my case, particularly, non-acceptance from my parents gave me that adrenaline rush and that courage to thrive in untenable conditions.

I have been brought up like this and I will thrive like this. Come what may, I have my strong belief and my will power to move mountains.

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