Life with a brio – Onkar Grover

Life with a brio – Onkar Grover

May 9, 2017 3 By Onkar Grover
“Knowing oneself is the biggest task at hand in anybody’s life. If I look back to my process of unveiling my own self then I feel that every time I discovered a new fascet of my own being it was almost as if I got down of a train, heading towards an unknown destination, on an unknown station and made my way back to home.

Today when I ask myself, “Who am I?” I hear many voices claiming my existence, as if my different self’s are claiming my body. An artist looks smiling at me, showing how he has been playing different roles for me. Far in the distance, a chef calls out to me showing what he has cooked for me. Finally I am tapped by a Territory Sales Manager on my shoulder, handing me my upcoming assignments.

My journey to the world I inhabit started when I was still learning Algebra in grade seven. Sitting on the last bench in a Hindi lecture I was called by my Music teacher. My senior walked into the class, called me out and told me the object of the meeting. She told me about the school’s participation in the Zonal Drama Competition and the requirement of a fat guy. That was the point I was pushed out of the train on the unknown station. Never knew that push would lead me to professional stage of College Street Theater Group and would home the emerging theater artist in a Non Profit student’s organisation—-Khanabadosh.

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Ups and downs, a life without them is a mere fantasy. Everyone has moments of extreme delirium and of complete shatters, and so did I. But every time my life jolted me I found a newer me amazed from scratch. This is how I found the hidden chef in me. I have seen him growing in my Grandma’s kitchen while learning how to cook eatable food. When I lost my mother’s lap in grade twelve and realized how she had spoiled me with her finger licking food, I along with my sister decided to cook our food ourselves. On my mother’s departure from my life, I was smattered hard on the ground and from that emerged the aspiring chef in me. This chef has always been the closest buddy I have had. In my stressful times he soothes me with his aromatic food and helps me be at leisure in my zero hours.


Time is the bird with an invisible flight. I didn’t realize when I ended up in the place I possess now. It just seems a day ago I entered college and now I here I am in the Silicon valley——Bengaluru, writing this synopsis of my own unwritten biography. I never expected this out of me started as something, became something else and now am something altogether different. My life has been an aimless journey, which helped me find myself anew each time I got a chance. Now I feel why do I have to be a single me when I am a unique blend of my interests and talent? I can, with my head held high can say that I am a talented artist with an interesting hobby of cooking and a professional excellence of a Territory Sales Manager. My absolute leisure rests in satisfaction and wherever I’ll find it, I’ll grab with both my hands and seat it within the portrait of myself.”

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