Life is just a paradiddle….Practice to get close to perfect- Piyush Sharma

Life is just a paradiddle….Practice to get close to perfect- Piyush Sharma

November 29, 2016 0 By Piyush sharma

Hey guys, I’m Piyush Sharma from Delhi and have been playing drums for around 4.5years now. I am an ex-drummer of Eyes of The Martyr and have also played drums with various other artists and bands as well around several venues in Delhi as a session drummer. I am a grade 3 keyboards player too, certified by Trinity College, London. I own a Recording studio plus Jampad in Delhi by the name of “Sound Traffic Studios”.


Talking about my journey, I started off learning music with tabla when I was in 5th standard but was never really serious about it. Two years later my dad gifted my brother a Yamaha keyboard because he was apparently more serious about music, that’s when revelation in me took place and started taking it seriously too and switched to keyboard from tabla. With time I got more and more serious about music and by the time I reached class 9 I was totally into it. Music meant the world to me. I joined the school band as a keyboardist and bunked my lessons just like every other student would do who is in a school band to practice music and performed with them in several inter-school band competition. Being an average student in studies my parents always asked me to Leave Music and start studying, and I am sure if you are die hard musician you’ll know the pain. It’s every other musicians story. I even passed my 12th with average marks.

I started playing drums right after I graduated from school. I am sure most of the drummers can relate to me when I say that I did not have drums to practice and practiced on the pillows and cushions instead and a borrowed double bass pedal from my friend. The struggle was real.


I went to audition for my college band as a drummer and these were the exact words of my senior after I finished playing, ” First learn to play drums and then ask us to take your audition”, that was like a very hard slap on my face but a TURNING POINT in my life. I managed to buy myself a low end kit called the Mapex Tornado which was enough for me to practise on and I still play on that kit.
Bring a drummer isn’t easy, specially when you have neighbours complaining everyday and night when you are practising. And the funny part is that my first ever drum heads got torn not by my playing but the deed was done by my mom as she got very annoyed by all the noises I made haha. So I had to shift my kit to my dad’s office, above which I have my studio now.


I still remember going for my college fest and witnessing a band called Antariksh and I just loved the drummer. He really inspired me and I promised myself to play the drums like him someday, that motivated me and inspired me and started practising even harder. Inspiration can be found from the smallest of artist to the biggest of artists. That’s when Eyes of the Martyr was formed and I learnt to play double bass while in the band.

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The journey was not at all easy for us as we were all from different colleges, pursuing different things, living at different places in Delhi so it was quite a task to travel daily and be dedicated to the band but we did manage to do it somehow. We had jam every evening starting sharp at 6 in the evening. We played a few gigs here and there but because I was in a metal band my parents were never really supportive as being an Indian The definition of metal is Noise to them. The journey continued and we travelled a lot as a band but were never paid for the gigs. We literally had to manage all our expenses. After a while due to some issues I left the band and became a freelancer. A started playing with few bands as a session drummer and earned money for my gear..and BELIEVE ME, I have seen my kit growing from a 5piece kit to a HYBRID DISASTER KIT!!


After my college graduation my family wanted me to go for MBA but the only thing in my mind was DRUMS and MUSIC. So I went up to my dad and told him I wanted to do Audio Engineering and Voila!!!! APPROVED!!!! I started learning Audio engineering at Sri Aurobindo Centre for Arts and Communication.

Now here I am playing Drums, Keyboard, composing jingles, score movies, do live sound and all. And dude I just love it. I am living my dream everyday.

This is my message to not just the musician but to everyone out there who wants to pursue their passion that no matter what happens, don’t stop, just go hard on it. And Ofcourse be consistent, practise everyday like crazy, the greatest of musicians still practise. So remember if it does not makes you go crazy, it never will.

That’s my story from the beginning till the present day. Just remember

“No matter how much you sweat or bleed, the feeling of STAGE makes everything good.”

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