Life is all about taking a fall and then rising up again to become even better- Paramjeet Yadav

Life is all about taking a fall and then rising up again to become even better- Paramjeet Yadav

October 3, 2017 0 By Illiterate Folks
 A small town boy who came to Delhi with a little hesitation in his mind but a lot of dreams in his heart, made perseverance his motto and overcame every single obstacle that life had planned for him.
My story starts as usual, born in an upper middle class family, fortunately was born with a good brain so parents had high hopes.
My family had a very mainstream and radical thinking(which itself is not so bad) that one should study hard and get good marks to be an achiever in life. I was able to fulfill their high hopes and scored well. I was even a good position holder till class 5th.
Scored well in my matric and class 12th boards, but that is not the point. I had this feeling inside that all that I have done till now was just not for me.  It was all for my parents. I had scored a very good percentage in class 12th, so I got admitted into a prestigious college of Delhi University.
Now I think that was the turning point of my life. My college life pushed me to do things that I thought I could never do in my life.

My first aim was to build a fine physique and then try for fashion modelling.

And as they say, ” right things happen at the right time” , I got selected as a model when I was at the peak of my confidence level and was ready to take charge. I still remember the first ramp walk of my life, I could literally hear my heart throbbing and about to explode. But then it was a very good experience and I realized that life was more than just cramming formula’s and chemistry equations.
I got to work for Maxx fashion and performed as a fashion model in various colleges.
And I was enjoying this endeavor of my life, I realized that I was built for something different, to create something different.
I found my new love, that is , bodybuilding. I had a very lean physique earlier. I literally had to work days and nights over my body to gain lean muscles. I have had so many sleepless nights and restless days. But I never backed down.
I have suffered back injuries, shoulder injuries, had to stay in bed for a month straight.
But when the worst comes to be worst, when you hit all time low and the only thing that you love gets sacrificed for someone not even worth that sacrifice. That feeling of betrayal burns everything inside you.
You just lose track of things in your life, and so did I. I had to compromise with my love and dreams by thinking that whatever happened, it happened for the best.
But I couldn’t see myself staying at the bottom for so long. That rage in my blood has to rise up again and take things to all new level, gave me a path to follow and take the driving wheel again.
It was very hard to start again, seeing yourself in the mirror and having that pre-image of what I used to be and seeing what I am now, killed me each and every single day. But then as stubborn as I was and as I am today, I never gave up on myself. Got back my physique in a short period of time and then happened the best thing in my life. My mentor, my brother, discussed with me the most brilliant of ideas of starting a channel on fitness motivation.
 That was a game changer, somewhere down the line I had this feeling that this would work. We used to stay awake at nights and work for days consecutively.
We were so into this thing that we decided to impart knowledge to people and we formed this rule that we wouldn’t just allure people by saying false things and making empty promises. We knew our journey would be difficult, because truth doesn’t allure people.  But success requires perseverance. We have done quite well and hope to hit the high road soon.

It’s your life and it’s ending one minute at a time. So take charge. Be the beast in your life and be the best.

Paramjeet Yadav

Owner and Co-founder: BARBROS. , Fashion Model, Iron Addict.

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