Being a Khiski Khopadi – Sachin Magmai

Being a Khiski Khopadi – Sachin Magmai

October 5, 2016 0 By Sachin magmai

So my career revolves around all the conservation of so called evil animals and film-making.
As an animal and nature lover from my childhood,it’s bound to be known as a weird boy in the society.
I Wasn’t a very good student in studies but I was the one to carry Wildlife books in school and read them sitting on the last bench during my lectures.
As I finished my 10th grade, a curiosity was built in me regarding Snakes. I found them one of the elusive creatures residing on this planet.For the next 2 years, the obsession for Snakes was becoming stronger day by day but in the other end I was completely diverted from my studies.


My First Snake

I failed my 12th grade science and passed, only after 4 attempts.
I would say, this was the toughest time of my life I faced. As my lack of interest in studies my family strictly didn’t allow me for studying snakes or catching snakes. I used to leave for my tuitions and bunk them and used to give lectures regarding snake awareness in schools and residential areas and several communities.
My biggest achievement at that time was that I gave a lecture in Airforce quarters to our Air Warriors about wildlife and snakes, which was a big boost in my confidence.
I somehow later managed to clear my 12th grade and was looking for further studies in wildlife.
One random day I was checking Facebook and I saw a message from an American person. They needed a person from India to write blogs about Indian reptiles. Well it was a great opportunity and without wasting a second, I said yes and officially started working as a blogger at
I could see my blogs working very well and I was desperately waiting for the right person to read my blogs.
I do believe in miracles, Because what happened next changed my life .

I saw a friend request on Facebook from a Great person Mick kaczorowski (Former senior executive producer of animal planet and discovery channel and three times Emmy award winner).
I inboxed him,had chat with him and realized that some reputed channel required a guy who’s a snake expert.
Unfortunately I couldn’t make it at that time because I was a amateur according to the skills which were required.
But, I got a mentor like Mick.screenshot_2016-03-06-08-13-07
Mick kaczorowski believed in me and brushed my skills, he gave me job as his assistant and promised me that he’ll film my work as well.
Mick kaczorowski gave me a full sponsorship which covered my education and all my expenses. And yes I have seen God, and he resides in USA and his name is Mick, who fulfilled my wishes .

Being a man of his words, after one year of our friendship Mick flied down to India and filmed my work and now I am working as his production manager and also the lead cast of an upcoming web series known as The Snake Charmers which is hosted by me and my co host Axy parhalkar.
Well, life hammers you many times but it’s on you that what kind of shape you take after being hammered.

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Because, it’s very hard to beat a person who never quits.

Struggles: I would say the main struggle which I face even today is criticism from the society, relatives and others. Still sometimes I am the guy who gets mocked for my field by some friends.


Filming for Snake Charmers

In August 2014 I had a severe accident while playing football, I had a jaw fracture which changed my face structure and made me weak because I couldn’t eat anything. Still I used to somehow sneak out of my house and go for rescues and it was really difficult being physically weak and dealing venomous snakes, but my passion instinct really helped me to cope up with such situations. But out of this I would say the worst struggle is losing belief in yourself which often used to happen when too much of criticism surrounded me. But fortunately I found some people who highly believed in me and that helped me to get out of nervous breakdown and they are my teachers, Raju Yadav, Iqbal shaikh and Chinmaya Tiwari After the jaw fracture I was afraid to play football but then my coach Savio dsouza was the main person who bought me back in the game in spite knowing that I had lost my game because of the accident rest for 1 year and today because of him I am a goalkeeper playing for his district level team (GOLFA).
And I am currently persuing my bsc Zoology as well. So for now things are smooth.

But being a Khiski Khopadi, my mind awaits new challenges.

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