Journey of Turning Hobby Into a Profession – Shraddha Acharya

Journey of Turning Hobby Into a Profession – Shraddha Acharya

February 2, 2018 0 By Illiterate Folks

Everyone of us have had our share of experience in drawing. Scribbling on the walls as a child to scribbling on the last page of our notebook as college student shenanigans. However, drawing continued to remain as a hobby for a part of them and the latter part don’t quite remember the last time they held a pencil.

For me, as of this very minute, I could define drawing to be my main source of survival. Yes, drawing is not just a hobby, but also a distinguished profession.

I’m Shraddha Acharya, I’m an illustrator which means I draw for a living. I’ve been drawing since I was a child and have pulled off in making this passion into a profession.

Life doesn’t tend to be easy when you’re setting out independently and my road doesn’t look really good too. I’ve had my share of hardships but absolutely pleased with the fruit gained by the same.


I wanted to pursue design once I was done with my +2 but due to “log Kya kahenge” issues which my family threw, I had to take up engineering forcibly. I started going to college and regretted every bit of it. The thought of me being unable to pursue my passion crippled me into dismay and thus I started performing terribly in my academics. Nonetheless, my drive towards art was still burning alive and I used to draw every day, even on the previous nights of my examinations. This went for quite a few days till I realized I could actually commercialize my hobby and make something out of it. Thanks to internet!

I  stated freelancing as an illustrator at the age of 17 and that’s where it all began. There was absolutely no turning back and I strongly believed this is what I’m gonna be doing in the future for a living. And I’m glad that came true.

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I took the road not taken while all my friends were struggling to save their grades and to get placed in companies and I never believed in following the herd since I was a child and that has worked out really well so far. I worked day and nights to improve my skills as a digital painter and never got exhausted with it. That’s when I experienced  how real passion feels like!

We all have something which drives us crazy and makes us wanna go behind it.

But some of us are hesitant to go get it as we believe it is gonna jeopardize our stable survival. I can say the contentment you receive when you actually ruin the factor of stability in life and run to achieve something incredible out there, has no match!

So my journey as an independent illustrator started at the age of 17. I was honoured to work with some of the remarkable artists in India and got the privilege to work for clients like MTV, Paperboat. Years passed, people started noticing my work and recognition came my way. I was featured as one of the top 150 female illustrators in India by Cupick, youngest illustrator by UYSummit, delivered 3 TEDx talks by the age of 21 and spoke for a lot of design events. I had made a decent place for myself in the field by then , which was last year before this one incident woke up the decision maker in me.

Back then, when I had just begun my engineering, there was this thought which struck me- “however I couldn’t pursue bachelors in design, I could possibly pursue my masters in design after this” and I had one institution in mind which is one of the best design colleges in India. Miraculously, that very same college invited me as a guest speaker for a major event in their college. I was on the stage addressing the crowd and it struck me- “I dreamt of being one of those people in the audience and I’m already levels above them!” that thought showed me how far have I come so far and how amazing this journey has been! That’s my fruit!

My parents weren’t at all supportive in the beginning but they were overwhelmed by the respect I received from people when I did all my TEDx talks and other talks. They might imprecate us for our tantrums but our success is one thing which can seal their contentment with happiness.

This is my little story in brief. To all those wannabe artists out there, keep drawing and take the maximum advantage of social media to show the world what you got.


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