Journey of an Amitian – Gagan Singh Kundu (GSK)

 Where should I start from?
All the events which I hosted, the radio jockey who entertained or the acts which I did or that MJ dance. Should I tell you about the videos which got viral all over Amity or the dubsmash which was the cherry on the cake!

Yes my life at Amity has been this dynamic and amazing,But all this fairy tale was once a sad drama .
And the protagonist of the drama was GSK. When I came here I knew I can act and the roles which I got were not of the heroes but side heroes . Who knew what future had for me? It’s funny how everytime when I was on the doorstep of success , someone closed the door. Well never mind , I always managed to find the windows. But that was not enough for me. I am greedy when it comes to work, I wanted a bigger stage, more work, more challenges and a lot more pressure. So after the hostel talent hunt at Amity I eyed upon AYF. I remember everytime when a celebrity used to come for promotion , the crowd shouted , cheered and me… I was shouting inside.I wanted to host that. I used to write hundred of scripts but I never got to perform them. What kept my fire alive was “I won’t give up”. I never did . And that’s what held me when people criticized me, closed doors on my face and took away the stage which I deserved. But I didn’t give up. And then that night came I was the host of inbush as well as AYF. I hosted the star night.

Haters gonna hate but I am gonna stay. I could have never reached this position if I was not an Amitian. Amity taught me how to smile in pressure work with passion and put down whatever comes in your way.

Amity made Gagan GSK. But the journey of evolving from Gagan to GSK was full of roadblocks.

I remember a night before Sangathan(2016)  that I went insomniac. I had my script,shoes,jackets and confidence,all set up. But I forgot to take my destiny .Someone took away the stage from me that night. I was looking at the crowd and I said to myself – ” One night Gagan you will host a bigger event to a larger audience. One night soon enough.


Then there was a time,when I was ready in all black ..ready to rock the stage with the stars of Kala Chasma.I knew inside this is going to be mine ..this event is mine. And that evening I stood near the stage for hours,facing failure once again.Someone took away my crowd yet again.

The three following nights of AYF,one could see me smiling in the pictures but the pain inside was inexplicable.

I was alleged for false charges ,I was insulted criticized and more over people tried their best to pull me back ;to take away the stage again.But this time I was ferocious,I was awake 24 hours -I didn’t sleep-I ran -I prepared -I fought – I fell and  I got right back up to get what I deserved  – The Star Night.

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How I overcame these challenges you ask? Simple.

I felt like that stage called me  and that mic called my name.

I was working day and night,sleepless,restless,but still going strong.

Someone said “You have to be crazy to be at the top” and I was and am still crazy.

If you love a girl you can’t let her go my  and for me my ladylove was the stage and mic .I didn’t let her go.

It’s because of the people I worked under and worked for which made me this strong. The responses which I got on my video , friends who believed on me , when I couldn’t. The guidance given by the faculties and management polished me to shine. The love people gave to this ordinary boy made me an extraordinary performer.

Amity has given me the stage to stand out from the crowd to experience the feeling of controlling the crowd in just 2 words ALLRIGHT AMITY!!

 Meanwhile the radio station at Amity kept my voice modulation style articulation good enough. I am born to entertain people and I will do it till my last breathe and that is a commitment. And if I am writing and I don’t mention him it’s a shame on me.
So I quote,
As SRK says..
Ayf and anchoring is just a start..
“Picture to abhi baki hai mere dost.”
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  • Sakshi Gupta says:

    Sir, u inspired me alot, it’s just i am in the same situation as u were someday, u motivated me nd taught me to believe in myself, nd to never give up, thankyou so much for this, I am just a very small good wisher of u who want my inspiration to fulfill his dreams,just keep growing, & achieve your Goals in life .

  • sonasonali says:

    sir, i’m really happy on my decision to be here.. seeing uh on the stage it really inspire me alot.. i only attend the programs to see you, listen to your voice which reaches to my ears.. don’t know what bt it feels like someone is saying that you can do anything in life just focus on your goals and never loss the hope.. really u inspire me alot . my goals are set now and i will achieve that no matters how many problems will be there but i will try my best again and again to reach at top.. thnkuh soo much sir .. really i appreciate your work.. u always inspires me whenever i see uh or listen.. wish you good luck for your future work.. thnkuhh soo much sir.

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