Hammering on And Pulling off- Sahil Sharma

Hammering on And Pulling off- Sahil Sharma

December 1, 2016 0 By Sahil Sharma

“What do you want to do when you grow up?”     

They used to ask me. I had no answer or I had one too many.

I’m 21 years old.

Music is what I live for now. I’d give everything up, just for a chance to keep making music and not have to worry about surviving.15271487_10211464165219196_337520344_o

My journey started in a really unexpected manner. Most of the musicians just seem to have found an interest in an instrument and known that this is what they’re supposed to do. Wasn’t the case with me at all.

I was literally forced and persuaded by my elder brother, Gaurav to hold the guitar and learn the basics for at least a couple days.

To be honest, I hated it.

A few years down the line, I can’t thank him more. I can’t be more grateful for the gift of music that he has given me. If not for him and if not for music, I would have been a really different person right now and most probably for the worse.

I’m a literature graduate. I’ve always been one of the misfits. Never going to class, not giving a damn about rules, society and religion are my principles.

Most of the people I knew looked down upon me, just because I wanted to study literature and laughed at me when I talked about taking up music as a career.

(Well, don’t we all just love proving people wrong?)


The funny thing about us musicians in this city is that we don’t really know how to appreciate artists. I grew up listening to some fantastic local bands here who I used to look up to. Some of them have become really good friends, while some of them are so self absorbed that they wouldn’t give a minute to appreciate upcoming artists or maybe a helping hand.

Unfortunately, I feel we’re that shallow.

I’ve encountered criticism from a lot of people, both constructive and absurd. Many have given up on me along the way. This bothered me once. Now, I have learnt to live my life the way I like.

I work very hard, but I love it.

What do I do for a living?

Like many serious musicians, I work a day job. I am a content writer for a website during the day. By the evening, I’m a live sound engineer, producer, a freelance writer and guitar player.

I play for a Delhi based progressive metal band, The Cosmic Truth.

About my band:

We’re just a small family of misfits, just trying to make a mark. We all ran into each other by stroke of luck and this is the best thing that has happened to me. I’ve been able to summon the creativity I never knew I had.

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We started out with the little college band competitions and then moved on to DIY events. We faced all the clichéd problems, from organisers denying payments and over smart venues to canned gigs. After a while, the band stopped being just a band for us. It became a purpose. Our line-up evolved to include an awesome producer friend on the bass and a superb kid from the northeast on drums. We’re working on our debut EP now and we’ll be dropping it in 2017.15322441_10211464164779185_100071922_o

My story isn’t a conventional success story. I believe it isn’t a success story at all, just a story that hasn’t unfolded fully yet.

It’s the story of every musician who’s fighting against all odds to just keep having a go at it. It’s all those late nights and early mornings that we have. It’s all those hours of boring desk jobs that allow us to buy that one piece of gear.

It’s all those things you missed out on, that “normal people” seem to easily have and will never understand.

It’s a big “NO” to people who never believed in me and the people who are convinced I can’t do it.


It’s a thumbs up for all those like me, who are lost.

My story is about me doing everything that I want to do. Zero compromise.

I’m constantly improving and constantly learning.

Believe me, when I say that every day of mine brings a challenge to overcome.

I’m a corporate, a writer, a musician, a sound engineer and a producer. I’m working on my band’s release with one of the most talented producers and musicians in the world right now.

And I’m just 21.

Is it bad and do I regret any of my decisions?

Not one bit. I believe I’m doing just fine. ☺


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