From fat to fit(ness instructor)- Annavi Khot

From fat to fit(ness instructor)- Annavi Khot

August 3, 2017 0 By Annavi Khot

I remember that day – The first time  I stepped foot in the gym .I was overweight,really just round and I remember walking in and everyone staring at me while I walked on the treadmill, a guy slams the door on my face before I could enter and laughs and walks off. I was an emotional eater , the same day was my birthday. I remember crying my night away as no one showed up for my 16 th birthday party.

And later that month the only one who believed in me passed away – my grand mom who bought me up  . This completely destroyed me.
That was the day I decided that I’m not going to be where I am. I am not going to feel sad about myself and I’m not going to let circumstances of my life define me.

I removed all my emotions/ frustration in the gym I worked hard day in and day out and I dint STOP!That’s how it all started , my journey .While I was working out I lost weight through trial and error .

Training became my only go to thing  and I started doing a lot of research and applying it to my daily routine.


People constantly put me down ( still do ) . Family and friends didn’t support me , but I never gave up because I loved what I did. And I looked forward to it every single day

While working out I came across Dhruv , who became my mentor my inspiration and my best friend , who actually pushed me into pursuing my fitness course and helped me through my own workout routines as well.

I started studying,got more knowledge and once I finished I started training people because I couldn’t see anyone go through what I did. Now I’m currently pursuing few more courses and making sure my knowledge is kept up to date .

Also , I always had a sweet tooth , my cravings couldn’t stop. As I’m a big foodie and crazy for desserts I decided to make sure my desserts benefit my body in a way and don’t end up destroying my health.I started trial and error and baking as I’ve done my hospitality and always loved cooking.Realizing,many like me wanted a healthy treat I decided on focus on it and now I have a variety of desserts that are vegan,sugar-free,high in protein and  low in carbs. Some of them include brownies , cakes , cookies and protein bars .

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Today I am A vegan Athlete an ACSM certified fitness coach , An ISSA specialist in Nutrition & I have my own healthy desserts variety which I cater to various cafes in pune called Raw Treats . My challenges aren’t over there are so many more struggles I go through even today,  and my motivation during the journey has been Bruce Lees quotes / videos which helped me through difficult times .

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An advice to everyone out there – Don’t give up! Don’t stop till you make yourself proud ! Believe In a power bigger than you , I have one of my best friend who has been my greatest motivator and my inspiration and he said something to me one day which I would like to share ” Remember to rise spiritually with the help of the circumstances of your life , grow around the obstacle don’t fight it ”

Fitness is a journey , go day by day don’t rush , it takes time. Every day try to do better than what you did yesterday don’t compare yourself to anyone. , stay positive and just keep pushing yourself.

Find someone who supports you , someone who believes in your dream as much as you do. Stay happy and keep learning.
Fitness is a mental game – focus , decide what you want and just don’t stop no matter what anyone says or no matter what circumstances come your way!

Peace ♥️🙏🏻


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