Fate, Failure, Fight and Conquer – Amrita Raju

Fate, Failure, Fight and Conquer – Amrita Raju

October 3, 2017 0 By Illiterate Folks

It all started with HSC board result. I was always a more than average student but not the scholar type. Result got out and happiness was all around. I also got good score in AIEEE exam and got into an Engineering college without any donation or help. Everything was going good but I was not happy from inside because I lost interest in studies, I think. I had a group in which everyone was helping me to score better but my scores were falling down with every exam. And then came the college fest and sports time in college and I was more than excited to participate in it. I was in designing and promotion group.

That time I came to know about my real interest and happiness. I came to know that I am very good at making presentations and photography. And then there was an everyday fight between my Heart and Brain. I was at a stage where everything was going to change in my life. My parents were going to suffer a lot with this change and it was a huge change. Their dreams were going to shatter. As I am the eldest child in my family, it was getting difficult every day.

Then during this phase of my life, I met with my old friend and I told him about my situation. And he was the one to tell me that I should choose my passion and interest, so that in future I would never get bored with my job because that will not just be a job, but it will be your passion and dream too. And after that, everything changed. It was not easy because I stayed in hostel and parents were away and when I disclosed my change of mind and field, no one was talking to me. Everyone was trying to make me understand the importance of engineering, thus resulting into me getting emotionally upset. My sole supporter, my mom, did not talk to me for nearly a month or maybe more. Dad was unhappy because in 2010 it was very rare for someone leaving engineering and opting for an unknown field. And that field for me was Photography and Designing.

But I had already made my mind. I convinced my Dad for allowing me to study Design and Photography. And dad was like, do whatever you want but gave me the warning that this will be my last chance. In all this, my only support was my friend. We started collecting information about different designing and photography colleges. But when we visited these colleges for admission, we came to know about the fees which was too high for my family. I discussed it with my dad and he told me to choose either designing or photography. Again, I was shattered a little with my dreams but then I had one option to choose and I chose Designing because I came to know that there’s a session on Photography.  

Finally, after all this my Journey started. I entered my class with a huge smile because I was one step closer to my dreams. There, I met an awesome group of friends who are still together today, almost after 4 yrs. After that day I never stopped till today. I learned and challenged myself with different competitions and I got better day by day. I started taking part in competition and then there was the phase where I was known by everyone in the whole college. In short everyone knew my name. Shortly I started winning competitions and my parents were called to visit. When they came, they went expressionless in the office and came out after 45 mins with whole new expression of happiness and belief in me. That time my whole world had been changed, to see them happy after a long time. My mom hugged me after a very long time.


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I learned photography by myself with the help of google and few of my friend’s experience. Then social media helped me a lot with little, but useful information.

I  knew in my heart that now I am not going to stop.

Soon I started taking small projects with my friends collaboration and I became better.

In last 2 yrs I have done a lot of small and big projects and I have worked at a production in Bangalore for small time and got a very good experience with it too. I would love to work in  the production again but I can’t leave my photography passion. So after coming back from Bangalore I decided to be a freelance photographer. And with the help of my best friend we made a team of three. And started taking big projects like events, pre wedding, food, fitness bloggers and maternity. I don’t like to edit photos too much because I believe, it may lose it’s importance. So I try to make it creative with props and a little bit of editing.

There is a famous Art Festival that happens for a week in Mumbai  named, Kala Ghoda, at the start of year. It mostly happens in February and they held a photography contest. This news was huge and I wanted to be a part of it. So, I followed all the rules and sent them my three best clicked pictures from previous festival and I waited, but there was no response for a month so I lost my hope and moved on .


But just before 15 days of the Kala Ghoda festival, I got a mail. It was early in the morning around 5’o clock, I just checked my phone as it was beside me, and my heartbeat stopped for a second as I saw there was a mail from Kala Ghoda festival team. The mail said that one of my picture has been selected for the display at festival. I was on the cloud nine and I checked my mail 2-3 times more. According to the instructions I took the printout and sent it to them. My clicked picture was displayed for 7 days and everyone one was proud of it. My mom and sister visited the festival just to see my picture on the wall. Even my friends had sent me their selfie with the picture behind it. Those 7 days made my year successful.


Sometime it’s still hard for me and my family. Because being the eldest I have to still struggle and the society helps to make everything worse by saying stupid things. But my family knows what’s right for me and they are always on my side. I am really thankful for having them as my parents. And I am not going to look back ever again.



Amrita Raju

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