Every Day is a Quirky Dey – Antara Dey

Every Day is a Quirky Dey – Antara Dey

January 31, 2017 0 By Antara Dey

  They said it couldn’t,
that was something I wouldn’t.
They said it wouldn’t,
that was something I dare couldn’t.

Challenges are entwined in the wholesome feeling of fear and torment. They break us into a million pieces yet they pledge to glue us back together, stronger and wiser. With each day they push us towards a better us and make us grow into someone we haven’t met. Sometimes life inspires you, overlooking everything that once pulled you down; the pain, agony, disappointment and fear push you up in their own magical way.

Somewhere amidst taking science in high school, spending days trying to live through school, being on time for tuition and trying to live up to those million expectations set by the only inspiration, my family, I lost myself. With barely any support from the ones who were to guide us not only through ‘India’s mega finale for judging a child’, the 12th board examinations but life, I was giving up on reading, writing, smiling and above of all dreaming. With a family heartbroken over mismatched grades of their little girl, the one who wore a badge of academic excellence in her previous school, the one who was one super hyped about her guitar and tennis racket, the one known who was best friends with words. Grades lost, passion lost and dreams lost. I was truly lost.

Here I am at the end of four years with my fulfilled birthday wish of being a part of NIFT Delhi, reformed into who I am today. From my love for Barbies, coloring books, Disney, books and theme parks to balancing between my love for art, design, literature and amplified experiences, I have dragged myself through a long path of broken dreams. The mighty journey became the biggest inspiration behind ‘The Quirky Dey’, my juxtaposition of fashion, art, design and words. Being a product design student I fell in love with materials, colors, textures and their interactions and in turn fell in love with tangibility, which describes the basis of the curated outfits displayed on the blog. Fashion is my favorite art form, where the human form plays your canvas and yes I am in love with it. From meeting a new side of me on the ramp and letting go of every inhibition in my heart, from merging my love for fashion and writing and curating my two true joys in life and becoming someone who can dream again, I have come a long way; stronger and wiser.

Awards and recognitions for my undying adoration for styling, writing and photography have constantly pushed me into a new realm of the previously understated ‘believeth in myself’. Befriending my childhood best friend, writing has led me into building my own world of poetry and prose, with the aspiration to churn masterpieces of alphabets. Formed of couplets, tercets and haikus #WildWhiteWall represents my personal experiences over the years and is inspired by people, situations and everything that wins my moment of fancy. I recently released my first poetry collection, based on my childhood and dazzled with experiences which have shook me from my foundation. ‘Maybe’, ‘Daze’, ‘Dreams’ are the first three poems in my collection with a contrast of themes backing them.

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With my next poem, ‘Time’ typed out and ready to be released I sit here typing the story of my 21 year old life and how not giving up helped me reach where I am today, mentally, emotionally and professionally, which is ironic to the theme of the poem in a million ways. Isn’t that how life is? Ironic at times where you want it to be right and hypocrite at the times when you are looking up for hope. It took me time to realize this ain’t the perceived wonderland, this is life where you have to fight for your dreams, fight for yourself and fight to change into a better version of you. No matter what people say, follow the heart’s route as that’s where true happiness lies; regretless and worthy. Keep doing what that bloody pumper tells you and step on to your magic carpet as one day you’ll reach your kingdom of joy, away from heartbreak and disappointment.

They said fairy-tales aren’t true but here I am in love with words, dreamily married to fashion and happily courting design.

Happily ever after.

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