The Dreamer Who Will be an Achiever – Diksha Parmar

The Dreamer Who Will be an Achiever – Diksha Parmar

January 28, 2018 2 By Illiterate Folks

A girl from a lower middle class family, sparkle in her eyes, extremely moody, very possessive about her loved ones, her family, her friends but whenever she sees a poster or a movie, there is a music in her heart. The music of dreams, the dream to make it big in life.

I am Diksha Parmar, currently pursuing my bachelors in B.Tech Aerospace. I am a beauty pageant enthusiast, I love to dress up, I love being in front of camera, I love walking on the ramp and I love pursuing my desires. So, when you belong to a lower middle class family with no one in modelling or acting, it becomes a shock for everyone around you when they see you doing modelling or some photo shoots.

When I was in school. I was a girl with oil in her hair, very shy, under confident, introvert, obedient daughter, a very good friend and an extremely simple girl. In my high school days, I developed a habit of reading books. I have read biographies because the people who have achieved big in their life have always inspired me. So, from that age I have learned one thing that my financial status, my class, my clothes nothing matters in front of my desires, my thinking and my dreams. I have read about the people who have made it big, starting from the rock bottom.

When I was in school, my cousin sister was in college and she participated in her college fest. She walked the ramp, I saw the pics and her walk and I was like ‘WOW’. I had this in mind that whenever I go to college, I will also do modelling. But, I learned a lesson too, my sister was not so comfortable in sharing pics with me and that time I felt like she didn’t want to share her picture with me whatever the reason may. So, I decided to be different. If anyone wants to see my pics I will give my phone or send pics, because when I asked my sister it was only and only out of curiosity and love and unknowingly she hurt me. So, I made a point I will never be rude to anyone if any person is interested in my modelling pics or my video.




Once, I went to a wedding to Kalka and I met Pooja didi, she said why don’t you do modelling. I was shocked – Really you think I can do that??. But somehow she had faith. I entered college, my college mate Pooja she said to me “See, there is a competition Oppo Fresh Face, let’s go and participate”. Somehow, she was not able to participate, and I did participate. I was in Pacific Mall, everywhere there were people watching me. I am on stage and there were cameras in front of me and judges and crowd. I was asked to show any talent. I know how to do bhangra, so I told the DJ, play any Punjabi track and he played tenu suit suit karda and I danced with all my heart. I had never learnt any kind of dance form. I knew how to do bhangra because my dad is from Punjab and so I guess it’s in family. That was the day I realised I love to be in front of camera. I love the feeling when the entire crowd is shouting for me. I love the sound of claps. I was the runner-up that day. I was disheartened as I wanted to win but the joy of being the runner-up was no less.

Then, I was also entitled as miss fresher for our department and indeed it was a boost too. Then, I was back to my normal life and suddenly my relatives, my seniors in college, they all said hey we saw your picture in the newspaper. I was shocked. I was like when, which paper, can anyone get it for me. It was in Noida Times and in Times of India. That was the first time, my pic appeared in a newspaper. From all this experience I learned one thing that I love to be in front of cameras, everyone shouting my name with love and I love being on stage.

The very next thought in my mind was that I wanted to join the modelling society. I was going for my class and I saw a poster in my college corridor and it stated auditions for the enthusiasts who want to be a part of our modelling society – Fahrenheit. I told my friend pooja, I want to go and give audition and she was all by my side. Some people said do you think you are tall enough and don’t you think you are too thin, but there was only one voice inside me- I want to give audition and be a part of it.

I was very scared, I went there with Pooja, we both were in first year. I saw the girls out there tall, nicely dressed up and I told her let’s go to our class, look at them and look at me. Somehow, she was more confident about me and said “no! no! no! You will give audition and I know you will make it”. I was very scared I said “OK”. I asked her to see my walk and she corrected me at many points. We both were standing looking at other contestants and Bhavya Monga (ex-president of Fahrenheit), she came to me and asked do you want to give the audition? I was so confused, I looked at pooja and she said say yes. I said yes I want to give audition. Pooja went back to attend the class. I gave the audition. There were 28 girls. The judges asked me have you walked the ramp before,I said no. Fortunately, they all loved my walk and I was selected. I told Pooja, she was so happy. Then, Aman Sharma (ex president of Fahrenheit), he motivated me, appreciated me a lot.

I did my first fashion show with my modelling group FAHRENHEIT in Manav Rachna. I was a blunder. I didn’t forget my sequence but I was very under confident on ramp and it was completely visible on my face. But, it was a learning experience and I learned. I cherish the feeling of being on stage. I am usually very active in extra curricular activities (I love to participate in sports, dramatics, debates and I love to dance) but somehow, when you get too much into yourself, you tend to forget about your friends and family. My best friend Pallavi Upadhaya, somehow she had seen a star in me when I was in school. She has always encouraged me to go for modelling and acting, but somehow I forgot to give time to her, but best friends are our real jewels. She has always been by my side.


There were many obstacles and there are and there will be but the dream will never be affected.

The biggest obstacle is studies. My relatives, my family, my parents they all have so many questions. Why are You doing this? Please, only focus on your studies. My mom always say – ye hamari duniya nahi hai. I was an average kid in school. But, in college due to my huge interest in all the extra activities, my studies do suffer. Some of the lines which I usually hear are – why are you doing aerospace jab modelling hi krni thi, jab ye Sab hi karna tha itni badi degree lene kyun aagyi, dimag modelling mai hai to aerospace ghanta karegi. I used to get hurt and now I don’t give a damn. They all hurt me , there words hurt me but this also motivates me to go for my dreams more wildly.

There are some genuinely good people who stand by you no matter what – Shailja Soni (she is also pursuing her bachelor from amity University noida). Sometimes my parents are not able to provide me with the money or things required for modelling and in all the times of cry and weep, shailja is always by my side. She helps me out in each n every situation. I count her as my blessing. She has always supported me and encouraged me.

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I participated in Inbush fest (amity University Noida) 2017. I was really appreciated by many people and even some who were saying things about me in the beginning, they came and said they loved my dress, my walk etc. There is one extremely frequent question I have always been asked – why aerospace? I wanted to a be pilot, my parents are not that rich that I could have been a commercial pilot just after my 12th. I wanted to pursue literature but only if I get into DU. So, I ended up with the choice of pursuing btech aerospace and I am enjoying it.

When you are from a middle class family, oh damn yes, education is very important and modelling is a business you can’t rely on it completely. One has to be practical in life. I am a girl with no big status, no modelling or acting background but with dreams and I am trying my best to achieve them. Many people have suggested me to go for designing and all but I was never interested in it. I am interested in being in front of camera, on stage, somebody doing my hair, somebody doing my makeup etc. Once, some Of my classmates and me, we were chilling and some gossip started and one of my classmate said she is not a professional model, she is just a model for college shows. That hit me hard. But, I have nobody to guide me, but as it’s rightly said bhagwan bhi usi ki madad karta hai Jo khud ki madad karta hai. One should always try.




In the year 2017, I started getting shoots (professional ones) outside college. I tried many times to win campus Princess, I have participated in it thrice and I always ended up being the runner-up , I never won. In 2017, I was being entitled as miss IIT Delhi 2017 and I met Liza Verma mam (she was one of the judges) and I am lucky to meet her. She has produced 15 Miss Indias and Manushi Chillar who won this year’s miss world, Liza mam was her trainer.

I have done few bridal shoots, a print shoot, cafe fashion show and also a video for urban clap. I have walked the ramp for some designers and I have done shoot for a college magazine. It is such a joy when your poster is in metro station and your sister is calling you and saying I saw your poster.

My brother is extremely extremely supportive. He supports me immensely. I have lovely friends Shailja, Pallavi, Shubhi, Pooja they all support me a lot. My mom she gets really happy when I win but she is scared as a mother because she loves me madly. She is scared as she knows we don’t belong to this glam and all. Varun bhaiya, he has been my mentor since I was in 11th class. I have achieved very very little but I am immensely grateful because I know a lot more happiness is on the way for me and someone must be craving for what I have. There is a long way for me. There are some seniors who are extremely supportive and one of them is Sanket. My sister Riti, she is a great support to me and I love her immensely.

I am a very stubborn kid, rebellious enough to get what I want. My journey has just started and there is a long way to go . I thank all my well wishers, all my haters I value you all. I have very supportive souls around me.

Indeed, there will be fingers pointed that modelling is a bad world this and that, but I know my roots well. I am at bottom but one day I will be the heroine of my story. May we all achieve our dreams!


Diksha Parmar

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