Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde – Aditya Bali

Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde – Aditya Bali

October 3, 2016 0 By Aditya Bali

The journey began REALLY early in 4th grade. I was involved in music for as long as I could remember but I was always the misfit. In a very early age where kids listen to Bollywood and mainstream music I was introduced to rock music. I have been in this kind of music ever since.

Life is something to look forward to when you’re in performing arts, and you love doing what you do. Whenever I’m on stage doing my thing, I zone out. Everything goes out of my head and in that particular moment of time I attain Zen. It’s like a perfect harmony between time being still and you feeling euphoric. No other feeling comes closer.


“It’s not easy juggling between being a master’s student in Biotechnology during the day, and rocking out with my band at night. Just like Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, I have to lead two separate, unrelated lives. I think it’s fun and challenging at the same time, because these offer two different perceptions to everything I have to face.

Juggling was really difficult at first. I had to make some really tough choices but I guess prioritization between what’s urgent and what’s important is what helped me. I do not go out on socializing sprees. I don’t go clubbing/partying on weekends and I don’t involve myself a lot into people. I either study, or make/listen to music. Occasionally I cook and sometimes, if I’m really free I might watch TV series or read some books. That’s all I do.


I have (and still) face a lot of struggles. Primarily due to the kind of music I am into. India does not have the audience for hard rock and metal music on a commercial scale. Metal has, and will always remain cult. Also, 70% people will NEVER understand the kind of music I do but that’s okay, I don’t blame them. If an Aviator wearing dude who can play Atif Aslam songs on guitar is received better by the audience than a musician who actually went into technicalities, arpeggios, odd time signatures and characteristic, syncopated riffage, then there’s proof that this isn’t the audience for you. But I can’t really blame anyone for that. I don’t even expect people to understand what I do, so it’s all cool.


Everyone faces crucibles in life that change them. I went through something that made me leave music last year. I had a couple of medical conditions last year. I developed hyperanxiety and later in the year due to a LOT of stress, I had a minor brain aneurysm. This took a lot of toll on my mental and emotional health, and turned me into this efficient, non feeling Robot. Not that I care, but that’s the way it is now. It can’t be helped.I had to cut off all my performance deals, I stopped showing up at the studio where my previous band was recording their 3rd album. Mental illness can be a bitch. It subliminally kills the things that you love doing. Thankfully for my friends, I could hold on to solid ground and reconcile just in time.

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Because of this, I started observing things differently and I came to the conclusion that artists in general have a higher emotional quotient. That’s where the ART comes from and unfortunately, this is why so many artists, musicians, performers etc face crippling anxiety and self doubt at some point. The trick is to use THIS to fuel your art, rather than letting it consume you. One of the best decisions of my life was to continue music again and currently I’m in the process of releasing my solo album, preferably in early 2017.”


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