Cycling through the rough patches of life- Anant Trivedi

Cycling through the rough patches of life- Anant Trivedi

December 2, 2017 0 By Illiterate Folks

After my B.Tech, I worked only for 6 months and realised I cannot pursue this career for whole life. I had interest in food occupation since childhood so I wanted to do something with this. Thus, I started planning for it and set up my distribution of various companies like Amul, Mars Chocolate etc.

As business started to grow I kept on giving more and more time to it. And within two years I was overweight and was suffering from high blood pressure at the age of 26. My doctor told me, either to start some activity or you have to take pills life long. Then I picked up cycling as an exercise just to lose weight. Within few months it started to show improvements on my body. I used to cycle with a group in Kota called Cyclotrots and with Rockriders in Bengaluru (Later when I moved to Bengaluru in 2015). Within few month, members of the group started to increase as we used to invite each and every person we met. Now both the groups have huge number of members and goes for regular cycling.

In 2013, I started taking participation in various cycling events and got 5th position in MTB Shimla and 4th in Desert 500 race in 250 km category.

In 2014, I decided to move to Bengaluru for various reasons. As I wanted to start my restaurant here and also this city has good cyclists so I can learn from them. Also my girlfriend was working here with Infosys so it was an obvious choice. I started a restaurant name Kota Kachori with my school friend, now this restaurant is very famous for vegetarian north Indian cuisines and also for sweets.

Just after moving to Bengaluru, I suffered from slip disk and was on rest for a few weeks. It depressed me a little as I was unable to cycle. Then I read a book ‘Dare to Run’ by Mr Amit Seth and thought of running a half marathon. Fortunately, Bengaluru marathon was held first time that year so I registered for it. My doctor asked me to avoid it but seeing my determination he recommended few exercises which could be helpful. And I made my choice that I cannot live a life being an unfit fat guy. I would rather be dead trying it, then just thinking about it. So, I had 40 days to train for half marathon and I completed it in decent time.

After the marathon I was in a happy state and thought of conveying my regards to Mr Amit Seth as his book was an inspiration. To my surprise I got the immediate response from him. He asked me to run Mumbai marathon but the registration was closed. Although, he made it possible for me and

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I promised him that I will finish this in under 5 hours and I did it in 4 hours 59 min 53 seconds.

But after almost 2 years in Bengaluru I started to feel an urge from inside to shift to mountains. As I have to give too much time to my restaurant and my cycling and running was going nowhere. Also I was in a constant pressure of getting married from both- my parents and my girlfriend’s parents.  Convincing both parents was also a story itself but let’s leave it for another time. But I had this idea that I don’t want to waste money on show off in my wedding. Wanted to keep it simple with few family and friends. In November 16, when I was travelling from Bengaluru to Kota on cycle to raised funds for a NGO(It was 2230 km journey on cycle where we raised approximately 2 lakhs in 8 days).

I got this idea that my wedding needs to have a message for others (reduce wastage of money as well as bring fitness into regular life). So I announced it and got good response and almost every newspaper published it. Later I got an invitation to run Jaipur marathon which was on the same day of my marriage. We chose to run half marathon and on finish point we exchanged the garlands and whole barat procession happened on cycle.

Till now I have participated in many cycling races and running events. My aim is to create awareness for fitness as well as our responsibility towards a greener tomorrow. If, we can incorporate few habits like cycle to work. If we get rid of using vehicles when we go to gym, park or nearby shop to purchase groceries or anything it would be a great help. I have seen changes in my life and so many others who have joined me in my journey. I will be happy if I carry on this for my whole life. Anyone who is reading this and want to start cycling or running can reach me for help or advice. I will be very happy to help.



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