Comedy happened by chance – Vaibhav Arora

Comedy happened by chance – Vaibhav Arora

November 28, 2017 0 By Vaibhav Arora

I don’t know exactly what it is like to play outside your house. I don’t know what it is like to break glasses while playing cricket. Though, I know what it is like to break glasses, while you’re at home and frustrated. I had anger issues when I was a kid and as a result of which, I used to fight a lot at home. I used to be angry at my family for no reason. But it all got fine with time. Thinking about that phase, it still sends chills down my spine.

Comedy happened by chance. I never thought of being in this profession. Neither did I see myself as a comedian back then. It all started when I had to get rid of my stuttering and stammering. I was born with a tongue tie.

There was a skin under my tongue due to which I used to stutter.

But this was not it, I used to stammer also. This was the reason of me being bullied by other kids. This was the reason of my frustration. I didn’t go to college for a year and chose to pursue CA since you don’t have to go to college in this course. I found some ways to hide my stutter and stammer. I used to speak slowly with properly open mouth and exchange words that I wasn’t able to speak with words which were easy . And it was all quite better after that. A year later (because i failed three times in CPT), I chose to pursue BJMC because i also have interest in photography (Bjmc mein zyada padhai bhi nahi hoti yaar)  and in college i  thought of auditioning for Mr Fresher. I wrote a script but I didn’t get selected since my time of performance was more than the given time. But they asked me to perform since my script was great. It went amazing. I still think of that time and it brings a smile on my face. My second performance was bomb though i.e. performance where no one laughed. Then i realised this is not that simple as it seems to be ‘ki bolna hi toh hai krlenge yaar’, after that i started participating in college competitions and i’ve won many competions like in LSR, Hansraj, Aryabhatta, SRCC Maharaja agrasen institute, MDI gurgaon and many more. A fellow participant informed me about Open mics, i registered for one and started doing it, i still do it its a never ending thing. Open mics are love actually. I did some shows also after making some decent minutes of content.

I got selected in The Great Indian Laughter Challenge, 2017. I stayed in Mumbai for around 3 weeks, but unfortunately, I was soon eliminated. Maybe this is the reason why Laughter Challenge is not going well. Just kidding, there are other reasons, too.

I’ve been doing comedy for more than a year now. I’m afraid of getting recognised sometimes, it creates a lot of pressure, like earlier I used to do comedy but i was not posting stuff online about it on a regular basis which gave me a security and liberty to do stuff without anyone asking questions from me. Now all my relatives know that I do comedy or try to do it. I went to birthday party where all my relatives were actually saying ‘ ki thore dialogue sunade yaar”. Yes, dialogue. It is weird but I have to face it.

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This profession is a bumpy ride for me.

There are days when you want to hug yourself and then there are days when I cry myself to sleep. I’ve met people who will constantly try to bring you down in order to lift themselves up and then, I’ve met people who will help you in every step you take. Either way, I realised you have to do things for yourself. I regret doing so many mistakes in journey but i think I’ve learnt a lot from them.  I have grown so much since childhood that when I look back in time, I can’t believe it was me a year ago. I don’t have anger issues anymore. I don’t have a fear of getting bullied. If someone insults me now, it doesn’t bother me anymore.

You grow through every phase of life. If I look back in time now, I’m proud of myself that I’ve come this far.



Vaibhav Arora

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