Blood,Sweat And Tears of Glory – Paulo Da Silva

Blood,Sweat And Tears of Glory – Paulo Da Silva

October 3, 2016 0 By Paulo Da Silva

I remember when I started to train in Brazilian jiu-jitsu  for self defense in a slum in Rio de Janeiro, called Favela da Chacrinha ,I started to run on the favelas street for my physical conditioning and as I ran I heard people saying this guy is crazy and they laughed at me.


I remember too,when one day some MMA show signed with me for some of my first fights and payed me with tickets to the show,and I sold it to friends and to my family.When I told one of my uncle that I have got  ticktes as a payment to my fight and the price was 50 reais ,but I was selling it for half the price he laughed and asked who was the famous person who’s gonna be there at Vitor Belfort? In reply I took a deep breath and answered him saying: I am gonna be that famous person.


Some of my friends members of my family joined me to support me for the fight,and it was amazing.
After some fights I became the champ of the MMA show called “Watch out combat show” and my fights were on tv
as live and as reprise a lots of time.
I got an invitation from Anderson Silva to join his team for his fight camp against Vitor Belfort in Las Vegas.
After that as I started to run on my favela street the people started to applaud me as I ran all the way on the street ,and my uncle he is still the same,but I am a new man travelling the world doing what I love to do.

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So from Nothing to being a guy respected around the world, I can  consider myself a successful man.

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