Believe you can and you will do wonders – Drepti Daniella Lawrence

Believe you can and you will do wonders – Drepti Daniella Lawrence

October 2, 2017 3 By Drepti daniella Lawrence

Its been 21 long years of my stay on this planet and trust me life has always been zig-zag for me since the day I was born .I didn’t knew why was I special kid of the family until I discovered some safely kept papers in the file .The reports meant something I could not understand so I went up to mom and asked persistently what it meant .She told me I was two major cardio issues the time I was born and that they discovered it when I complained a chest pain at the age of 3.No one knew how long would I live .That was the reason I was refrained from too vigorous activities.

After knowing everything I decided to always live my life like a normal child and never look back at those yellow papers .Years passed and I lived my each day to the fullest .I knew I was fighting a battle inside and that pain popped up sometimes but nothing to stop me from being me. I was too overweight by the time I passed class 12th and then I decided to gym .The girl who was refrained to walk vigorously gym like crazy at a time.

I was a good speaker and wanted to be an EMCEE and to start with I asked my stage manager at school to let me be an anchor in school annual function to which he replied that “YOU ARE NOT MEANT TO BE AT STAGE”. These lines haunted me to core and I cried on my way back to home .I pledged myself to get a fame in this field when I reached college.

Going to college was once again a tough deal as my mom did not want me to go far due to my cardio issues ,but still just coz I believed in myself  I convinced her to let me go.

I came to Amity and my eyes got stuck on the lit club of the dept coz it had anchors.From there started the journey of an unrecognized girl to one of the best anchors in Amity.

Amity..huhh the survival was really tough for a small town girl .Initially things were very different ; new people, new things.It was like a little bird away from her nest for the very 1st time. Those red bricks and white walls of 711C haunted me. I would call my buddies Garry and Arham and use to cry for hours, but once again the fighter in me rose up to live the kind of life I had promised myself .Facing all so called senior politics and my vocabulary issues I fought my way out to my stage.

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I knew I was meant to be at stage and my heart knew that and I could survive all the struggles because I dreamt of being there. The very first time I held the mike my hands were shaking thinking – what if  I made mistakes,what if  I made some chaos but then I again settled up making my heart and mind believe that I CAN.

Thus  started the phase of being a good anchor. My journey would be incomplete without these special people Gagan, Shivangi,  Prakhar, Hrashvardhan, Harshit, Kriti di ,Deepali ,Abel,Sumanyu, disha and Aditya bhai coz they believed in my potential more than me .It’s been three years now in Noida and I am no more a hosteler but life is good and  I am still living the life of a normal girl facing all my struggles alone a lot of which no one knows.

Recently I started working also along with my classes because I wanted to be an Independent girl always and it’s been a month  now.

All I want to convey through my life is that once you believe in yourself you can fight any battle alone and you can do wonders.



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