Because art is what we live for – Anukriti Mishra

Because art is what we live for – Anukriti Mishra

September 2, 2017 0 By Anukriti Mishra

 I was around four year old when a conscious decision was made by my parents to remove television from our home as everyone in my house was becoming couch potatoes.  Thus our somewhat 30 inches television was packed and kept in a closet. In this way a rather unusual experiment was started by my parents.

Yes, I am really unaware about the cartoons that shaped the life of our generation. So whenever people get nostalgic about their childhood I find myself out of place because it is something I can’t relate to. My childhood was framed by Enid Blyton and kid version of great stories like Jane Eyre, Ben Hur, Panchtantra tales and a lot of mythological stories. Some of these stories are still very close to my heart and I keep going back to them.

I must be around five years old when my mother took me to a theatre workshop in Bhartendu Natya Academy. The director Mr. Manoj Sharma refused to take me because of my age but my mother stood there adamantly and requested him to just make me stand on the stage and give me no dialogue. He had to give in to my mother’s persistence.  I am told by my parents and him that I learnt the whole play by heart and knew everyone’s dialogue. I had the privilege to work more with him when I grew up and it is he who primarily taught me the nuances of theatre. He has played a big role in shaping me as an actor and I will always be indebted to him for it. Apart from this I am eternally grateful to many other directors who have left such an indelible mark on my life.

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There is this moment on stage when the play has just begun. The spotlight falls on the actor and one is blinded it. As one slowly starts taking the dialogue, it is impossible to see anyone in the audience.  Slowly the eyes start adjusting to the light and and the shapes of the audience become a little prominent. One can see their expressions and their involvement in the play. At this moment the actor is completely dissociated from the audience and yet cannot be more connected. This is my adrenaline rush. This is what keeps me hooked to theatre. The moment is so infinite and complete in itself that only after one has experienced it that its enormity can be comprehended.

Someone recently told me that I am a really strong willed person. I can only thank theatre and music in my life for it because they have shaped the way I am today. There have been some bad instances in the past 2-3 years when I really wanted to give up on theatre. But the love for it keeps drawing me back to it. Over the years it has become home for me and no matter where I go, I will always come back to it. I could not be surer of anything else in my life.

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