And then I met myself – Shraddha Jain

And then I met myself – Shraddha Jain

September 19, 2017 0 By Shraddha Jain

I feel so privileged and excited to pen down my story.

I am Shraddha Jain, 25, from Jaipur!

I have always been a very good student, studious yet full of life 😛

I pursued BBA from Christ University, Bangalore and completed my first masters in Human Resources Management from Symbiosis,Pune & second masters in MSc. Creative Business from EDHEC Business School, France followed by an internship at UNESCO.

All this looks really good on the Resumé but it din’t make me as happy as it should have.
Hence, after my internship I decided to take a break and return to Jaipur. (It takes a lot of guts to do that, trust me)

My break started in August 2016. I spent my time reading, painting, going on dates with myself in cafés, teaching kids art in NGOs and meditating.
I often spent time finding my true calling & achieved nothing.

I have always been this crazy Art lover. I have been painting since I was 5, never learnt it professionally, no degree in fine arts. And during my break I converted a spare watchman room into my studio and it has become my heaven since then. I started reading about how Art heals and it left me surprised to actually know about what I was experiencing all my life. Being a strict follower of my heart, I have tried a lot of things in academics and hobbies, started and left a lot of things. But the only thing that has remained constant in my life is art.

And this break has changed me as a person. When you get time to introspect you come closer to yourself. I realized that Jaipur was in grave need of interactive arts, people should experience what I have experienced, it should help them heal and have fun. Furthermore, I realized that we are lucky to afford classes for music, dance and painting but what about the unprivileged kids? Why the differentiation? They should also be touched with this beautiful feeling of art.

So, finally I decided to create a platform which answers all my questions. Hence “The Art घर” was born.

Through Art घर, I organised Art events, workshops and exhibitions on various topics. Art घर strives to bring people closer to various forms of art and hence become closer to themselves. I have also made a volunteer team to work on Art projects in NGOs organizing activities in theatre, dance, music, photography, pottery and painting.

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It’s all about finding the artist in you!

I did my first event with Home Café on 4-5 March. People were given easels, aprons, colors and paintings to choose from. I helped them with their first painting. The response was really good. Then have done events in pottery, wine painting, hand painted stole making, calligraphy etc.
Feedbacks l received,melted my heart and it made me really happy. I have got lots of newspaper features but what gives me true happiness is making people try different forms of art.

But all this was not possible without facing struggles.It was more like a conflict with oneself because the society has always told us not to take the risks, follow the straight path. What I did was very unusual. My resume had different degrees and what I finally pursued was something else. So it took a lot of courage.


And initially I struggled to make people understand the concept. But soon people got to know what value I was trying to add.


The major challenge I would face,was to justify my “break” to people. They would say “arre itni achi degree leke job kro na”. They didn’t understand how important    it is to stop running some time and add value to yourself, introspect and simply just do things. People used to ask me, so what next, when is your break ending. C’mon that’s not the idea of a break!!


I neither wanted to join my father’s business nor take up a huge paying job. Job offers in Paris didn’t excite me as much as what I am doing now.I do not regret not taking up these things.
I wish people read my story and let their children do what they want to do and become comfortable with this still a foreign concept called break.


I encourage people to take out some time from their lives and try different forms of art and see the beauty that is hidden within themselves.

Lots of plans, lots of people, lots of events coming up!
I will not stop till I paint every Jaipurite in colors 😀


Shraddha Jain

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