All Animals Deserve A Loving Home – Jaclynn Moon

All Animals Deserve A Loving Home – Jaclynn Moon

October 3, 2017 0 By Jaclynn Moon

My life has always been about the animals. From growing up owning dogs , reptiles and other various animals to becoming a dog groomer, I’ve always had a passion for making animals happy and healthy.

Years ago, I found someone who shared the same passion as myself and we never thought we would own any more animals than Nina and Popo.  We have always had a love for animals, but two dogs were enough to keep us busy.  Today, that is a different story. We now have a mini sanctuary of various animals to care for every day we wake up.

Our friends took notice on the care and love we gave to the  animals and began reaching out to us when they found an animal that was in need of a better home.  Our love for animals made it hard to say no.  I remember our first “rescue,” we had gone to a local pet store to buy some feeders for our animals and one of the employees asked if we wanted a bearded dragon.  A lady had returned it stating that it was mean to her son and that she wanted a snake instead (the thought process of some people).  When we brought him home he was very aggressive over food because he had not been fed properly.  After having Brown the beardie for about a month and ensuring he had food regularly, he calmed down and was able to be handled and loved. We have gotten so many different rescues from leopard geckos in cracker jack boxes, to 4ft iguanas living in 2ft of space.

Ever since then, we no longer bought animals, we began to rescue them and through that we had found our passion. We are not your typical rescue that just rescues dogs and cats, we rescue exotic mammals, fish and reptiles. Some rescues come with adoption fees,  but the majority of our animals have been given to us by people who no longer want the responsibility of caring for their animal.

Through our journey, not everything has been sunshine and rainbows though we used to live in a one room barn with all the animals. It became crammed with equipment and animal supplies we barely had enough room to breathe. Luckily my parents had just bought my grandmothers old house and let us rent to own the house and property. When we moved to our new house, we use to struggle to be able to feed ourselves on top of caring for all the animals. Where we live work can be hard to come by and it used to be only one of us with a job, so bills would pile up with only one of us paying for everything. It felt like we were trapped. We thought that we would have to give up our dreams on helping animals, but one day our luck turned around and ended up with a good job.

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We are still struggling from having to file paper work to get a 501c (recognized sanctuary), to having to build out door enclosures. We need all the help we can get. Our plan is to utilize the 8 acres we have and use all the land to its full potential, meaning outdoor homes for lizards, mammals, and fencing in the whole perimeter so no unwanted guest. Without moving what animals we have now outside we can no longer take in any animals in need of a good home. We try to do fund raisers and “Go Fund Me (Click here to donate)” accounts to help the animals get everything they need.

We still struggle from time to time but making these animals happy makes every struggle worth it.



Jaclynn Moon






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