Advocation of avocation as a way of life – Abhishek Goswami

Advocation of avocation as a way of life – Abhishek Goswami

June 3, 2017 0 By Abhishek Goswami

If anyone ever told you that your hobbies cannot help you make a living, ask them to think again. Growing up I was always pretty much on my own, had very few friends to hang out with. I had spent my childhood, mostly indulging myself in activities where it would help me keep my creative juices flowing. Illustrations, graphic designing, 3d modelling, music production, video production, etc. By the time I became a teenager, I realized that I find comfort in orbiting around those activities only.  

My name is Abhishek Goswami, born and brought up in the state of Meghalaya, in the city of Shillong. I shifted to Guwahati, Assam when I was pursuing my Masters. Now, I am an entrepreneur working in Silchar, Assam, with only one major motive in mind: To sustain ART. Like I have mentioned before, my childhood orbited mostly around art, and society fears that art will not help an individual sustain himself financially, emotionally or physically. Art can be a base for a job, but it can never be a REAL JOB.

Ever since my school days, we were conditioned to believe that the only way to survive in this competitive world is by having good grades, good percentages, good degrees, good results, good jobs, and good money. But what we missed out on was the fact that we can do the same if we believe in ourselves and be a good person. I am glad that my alma matter added the “Good Person” tag as well with the others, but the others were so strong that they clouded the necessity of being a Good Person.

I was done with my Masters by the age of 22. I had pursued Masters in Business Administration (MBA). When I entered the classroom, Day 1, I didn’t see aspiring entrepreneurs, I saw MNC Interviewees. Probably peer pressure forced that personality on me as well that I will live a happier life if I let go of what makes me happy and pursue something that MAY make me happy, why? because of the financial stability, stature, foreign tours and visits, well that is what I thought back then, I was unsure and confused as well. But, today, I can proudly say, “Nah, I’ll stick to what I know makes me happy, because THAT is what I want to do.”  

India is a country filled with genius, talent and downright brilliant concepts. The place where I work, is also filled with such resources but they lack an outlet, a platform. As a teenager, I was into music, a lot, but I, myself, lacked that platform. It is difficult to be a musician in a country where there are way better musicians struggling to get noticed. I was (still am) puny considering all the artists out there. But I was taught not to give up on my dreams, on my wishes, on what makes me happy. This support came from nowhere but my parents.

If an individual can reach the stars on his own effort, I believe he can cross galaxies with a little support. I don’t intend to travel galaxies, (not much of a travel buff anyway) but I consider myself lucky to have two human beings throughout my life who have always been supportive in what I do. Be it from gifting my first guitar back in 2007 to building my own establishment in 2017. 10 years of constant mental support which every kid with an identity crisis needs. Thanks Mom and Dad.

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Now in 2017, I am currently the co-owner and co-founder of THE MINIMALIST STUDIOS , a media house based in Silchar, Assam, which aims at helping musicians, artists, performers, entertainers etc., to continue doing what they love doing. Apart from this, I make motion graphic videos under my own production unit called ILLUSIVE VISIONS, and I help contribute in a webzine called HEADTILTS.COM.

THE MINIMALIST STUDIOS is my lifeline, the reason why I am happy doing what I love doing is because of this establishment. And again, the struggle would have been harder if it were not for my friends who I consider to be the foundation of all the work I do here. The studio would not have even existed if I hadn’t sat with Hizol Choudhury  (the other co-founder and co-owner of THE MINIMALIST STUDIOS) discussing about the music scene in Silchar over a cup of tea on December 2014.

THE MINIMALIST STUDIOS is now over 2 years old, and is the result of only believing in your own dreams. We are still pretty small and we have a very long way to go, but I believe in taking small steps towards a bigger effort. Helps in sustaining your intentions.

Coming back to my opening statement, ” If anyone ever told you that your hobbies cannot help you make a living, ask them to think again.” Perseverance and dedication will turn any hobby into a driving force that will help you sustain your life. It is then when you can justify your work by backing it up with what you love doing. It’s like what Confucius said, “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.”

Promise yourself to work hard, with every passing day, make friends who push you towards positivity, make sure your actions give your parents a reason to have faith in you, to believe in you. It is then when you can consider yourself responsible, it is then when you can SUSTAIN YOURSELF.

Today, I am 25 years old, and I can proudly say, I love my work. I can’t wait for Mondays. And I believe, my statement won’t change, be it 10 years from now, or 20. There is no end to struggle, but you’ll have something to be proud of at the end of the day.

Thank you.

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