A Woman Passionate to Kindle – Neisha Arora

A Woman Passionate to Kindle – Neisha Arora

May 6, 2018 0 By Illiterate Folks

You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.” – Mae West

I’m another ambivert who’s shy and reserved just when I’m in pursuit of avowal. I am Neisha Arora – the scribbler, the makeup enthusiast, the blogger and publisher behind Hale and Belle.



My Journey So Far:

It was in my twenties when I, Neisha Arora, pursued my Diploma in Mass Communication and Journalism from JIMMC, Kanpur. Shy, reserved and hesitant – doing up with the on-screen stuffs related to the course I was pursuing wasn’t actually my cup of tea. The off-stage, behind the screens jobs is what I had always wanted to go for. And for being more inclined towards the creative juice whirling in my mind, Graphic Designing was the thing I wanted to explore into – being totally unaware about the writing skills I possessed and could mould my career into.

It was one fine day that I stumbled upon some opening for ‘Content Writer and SEO Specialist’ in a Kanpur based Website Designing Company – Solushunz Technologies.

I dropped in an unsolicited letter to the manager of the company for the position of Graphic Designing.

A week later, I received a call from the same for the interview walk-in. I appeared and successfully bagged the position – not for the Graphic Designer as there was no availability for the same, but for the content writer. Strange it was though – but no doubt a game of luck.

The skill that I couldn’t determine myself was rather acknowledged by the interviewee.

While comprehending to a belief that there was no other scope for me to work in a city like Kanpur – so it was the opportunity I couldn’t deny grabbing. I wanted to work, I had a strong will to achieve something in my life – and so, I started working with the company.

My job profile began with writing website content and blog articles, which when deemed quality content by my employer, I was assigned to write high PR article directories – ezinearticles was one of which. These were exactly those directories where getting the articles approved wasn’t a piece of cake – but for me it was going in a way!

Working for over two years, I gained ample of knowledge about SEO, Internet Marketing and other practices in the online industry.



It was in my twenty-fives, that I got hitched and married. Post marriage, I was asked to quit the job – however, sitting back home was not the idea that I had actually taken education in journalism and business administration for. I had goals in life. I had a kind of passion to burn bright – which no one could blow off!

I started with freelance content writing. Here, I got trapped in scams quiet a number of times. I kept on delivering the content to my clientele, post the publication of which they never did revert to me. Devastating it was for me. Nevertheless, I did not quit for I had to work, I had to achieve.

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About Blogging:

Blogging was an idea that one day clicked my mind out of nowhere. I gave birth to my first child – ‘The Scribed Life‘. Here, I wrote poems, quotations, and several other literary works.

This had to be my partially wrong decision for despite having the potential to write beautiful, it wasn’t really to my interest level. Doing poems and literature was my love, but not passion.

But as it is quoted rightly by someone – “Passion is energy. Feel the power that comes from focusing on what excites you.

And, what excited me actually was ‘writing’ in unison of ‘makeup, fashion, and beauty’. That’s it. I had gathered this and so I gave birth to my THIRD child – mind the words! When second child happens to be my life and soul, third was ‘Hale and Belle‘.


Living in India, and that in a city like Kanpur where people don’t really understand what blogging is, was also a set back for me. Sarcastic remarks coming from people about my blog initially used to bug me. However, it never could demoralize the will power I had.

With “The Scribed Life”, I had learnt several lessons. The lessons were as in related to the technological thing that I ought to take care of with Hale and Belle. I had fallen a several times, and this time I was up again more strong than the stronger I earlier was.

Hale and Belle came mixed up with all the positive as well as the negative chaos. While, I never did entertain any negativity and kept on working devotedly; for one whole year.

Post this, the phase was destined to change, and the seeds of hard work I had sown were to reap.

Nazia Manzer from Artistry Workshops – a streak of luck it was for me and ‘Hale and Belle’. Artistry Workshops were coming up with a real big event in Kanpur, to which Hale and Belle got associated as their Social Media Partner.

When talents unite, the spark has to ignite – and it did! The event involved icons like Ritika Sial, Gomit Chopra, Ronita Modi and Mamta Bhura. Hale and Belle aka I left no stone unturned to make the show a hit. And my efforts together with constant pep talks and encouragements by the Artistry Workshops worked out a real upliftment for me. Artistry Workshops works to bring in high-class seminars, makeup, culinary and other educational workshops to the Kanpur city – for the betterment, for the upliftment.



I always carried a bad idea that we cannot do anything great from home, together with an enthusiasm to achieve something in life. While I lamented for being stuck in a city like Kanpur where I couldn’t really harvest the skill I was blessed with – unison with the Artistry Workshops turned it down. Nazia Manzer, the super woman behind this, inspired me throughout the project. Working with them, I could taste several flavors and I could explore my capabilities. It has actually turned up as a mileage. If you HAVE A PASSION to work, nothing can really stop you from achieving what you want. Work out every bit of you to accomplish your dream true. Passion do has a power to burn out all the hurdles for an unbridled success you covet. It is just one step I’ve taken up; there are many more to climb to the success I see from down here.”





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