18 years and more, to the musician within – Akshit Dhall

18 years and more, to the musician within – Akshit Dhall

January 15, 2018 0 By Illiterate Folks

I am a 1st year Engineering Student in Pune, residing in Haryana. I always wanted to pursue music and when I asked my parents about it they took me to a few music experts.

They were like; no you don’t have that in you, go with engineering only.

But I knew in my heart that I could do it. So keeping that in mind I started practicing hard. Now┬áIts been 4 to 5 months and I’ve been doing great in each and every competition that I’m going!

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This is just a beginning and I just want to say that: if you believe in yourself no one can stop you! I was 15 when I started writing songs. I sing them to my friends and parents. Initially, they said it was great! So I started a youtube channel and uploaded one cover. Got a good response on it and it was all new to me. There was a French lady Michelline she praised me a lot. That motivated me.
After an year, I started doing more covers. Due to which I wanted to make music my career and this wasn’t acceptable. My parents tried to convince me to go with engineering and the lectures were passed on. But, they took me to a Music Professor in our city and he said “Study has more scope for you so don’t opt music”. I already had given my everything to music, keeping that in mind. I have to prove it now that I’m meant for music.
I started practicing. Took admission in Pune so that I can pursue my music as well (As I’m from a small city). I Got selected in the College band. The head of my band told me that the kind of songs that I compose and write, the way I play my guitar and sing songs makes me better than 80% of the people doing music in Pune right now. That motivated me even more. So, I participated in a singing competition in BJ Medical College ‘ VEDANTA’ and won the 1st prize. Even though I sang a Western song and the other contestants sang either a Hindi or a Marathi song. I participated in different events and starting winning.
In my vacations when I was in Haryana, I tried my luck in Thapar University and won 5k cash prize for western singing. And now here I stand, achieved a little but have to go way too far. At present I’ve written and composed over 40 songs.
Next week I’m gonna go home and talk to my dad that should I still pursue engineering? Or can I go with my music.

Akshit Dhall

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