The Shutterbug – Beyond Just an Avocation – Saurabh Pradhan

The Shutterbug – Beyond Just an Avocation – Saurabh Pradhan

September 13, 2017 0 By Saurabh Pradhan

“My Mom bought me my first camera. Yes, that’s how it all started.”

Thanks to the ridiculous Indian Education system, I was one of the millions of students that opted for Engineering that have no clue why they take up engineering, or I would say we know why we are getting into this, it’s just that we don’t have any other option we know of. So I started with the first day at my college from the bottom. I say that because I was used to be known to people back at my school. Every teacher along with hundreds of students knew who I was but in here, it all changed. Gradually I made some friends and started trying to stand out among lot of students I found almost no connection with. I tried to cope up with their lifestyle and adopt their ideologies but that didn’t work out so I started doing what I loved rather than trying to mix up. I started clicking. Clicking people and gifting them their most precious memories in the form of a picture. “Saving memories for life” , that’s what our motto says. Our’s not mine because I don’t know why but I found it odd to keep something for myself which cannot be contained.

Why stand alone when we can come together and be phenomenal.

For some time I worked alone as a rookie photographer at college. I discovered that people around me had a lot of talent and resources, they just didn’t realize it. So I started my hunt for these people and initially I found some of my friends in this category. I helped them out with their photography skills and The Shutterbug was on.

Why treat it as an avocation when you can earn from it?

The basic idea of the startup lies in this very sentence. You don’t need a degree to work as a photographer professionally. You just need the talent to do it. Why is it that an engineer or a lawyer who is good at photography can’t make it in this industry. It’s a stereotype which we intend to break and provide work to aspiring photographers.

It’s been almost 3 years now and there’s no looking back. We have covered events for more than 70 celebrities and done fashion portfolio for almost 10 dozen models. This has been possible only because of the hardworking and dedicated team that I am a part of. We met as acquaintances but have developed quite a relationship since then.


Struggle is a crucial part of life – 

I know that there’s a lot more to handle, but by the experience I’ve gained in a short while, I know it only made me stronger and filled me with hustle. We played bluff last year by taking a very big event but we could not deliver their needs so we had to withdraw. That was very disheartening because all we lacked were resources although having the talent. “Event name 2016” was saved in my notepad and I looked at it everyday. I vowed to do an even bigger collaboration in a duration of one year and after 5 months we were in Allahabad shooting for Mr. and Miss India.

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What lies in future for me?

I have made up my mind to carry on with what I love. It’s very hard for a middle class family to shoulder a profession change but my family supports every decision of mine and that’s the reason why I’ve made it to where I am today.

Akhir me bas itna hi kehna chahunga – 

Raah mushkil hai par mukaam haseen

Ek khwaab dekha hai , jise haqiqat banana hai

Jab sota hai ye jag tab bhi jagta hu mai

Mujhe meri maa ko world tour jo karana hai

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