Playing dress up- Ishika Jagri – Jag sis

Playing dress up- Ishika Jagri – Jag sis

June 12, 2017 1 By Jagri Sisters

We got it from our Momma.

It is every mothers’ dream to have a girl,so that she could dress her up like a barbie,and  that’s exactly what our mom used to do. She loved dressing up both of us. She would doll us up and then take a billion pictures of each one of us and ever since then we knew we had a strong connect with fashion and the glam world. We used to wear the most fancy clothes in school even in grade 3. Fashion and style was something that played a huge role in our life and we are all about it.
When it came to opening a page on Instagram or writing blogs we were inspired by the no.1 fashion blogger of India Kritika Khurana.
It started off when we were casually scrolling through Insta explore and we came across her picture.And soon we had stalked her 3 times in just 1 hour. Till date she continues to inspire us. Her journey of being the no.1 blogger is just amazing. And Thats how Jag Sis Was started. After being amazed by the fantastic work of Thatbohogirl we thought that we should start up something like this too. And so we did.
Jag Sis stands for Jagri Sisters-Ishika And Ahana Jagri.

When we first started  with the page we were doubtful about being exposed to such a large audience but we gathered up courage and finally did it.And now  surely it  is one of the best decision we ever made.
Even though being a fashion blogger seems very glamorous but that’s just from the outside. You still face ups and downs. Like at times we’d shoot for hours to get the perfect picture and it wouldn’t do so well on the page. You never know what your audience wants or would appreciate. Also being a fashion blogger in a small city like Jaipur gets a little hard. People judge you and criticize you but one’s still gotta  keep moving.
We have seen many people who do not get the much needed parental support for getting involved in any such activity but we must say we were very fortunate as our parents not just supported us but even motivated us to be consistent and keep going forward.

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Talking about being consistent became another difficulty as both of us are in our high school years and after having so many important exams and activities sometimes your energy just drains.
Playing to become the best of both worlds was a little challenging. However it is, no matter what problems or hurdles come on our way, we shall continue working and never give up.
Jag sis well is not just about following the latest fashion or trend but especially about having your OWN style. Its for every type of girl. Jag sis is about accepting yourself and enjoying your body.

Flaunt yourself, as there is no one like you.

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