My idea of Success – Shubhr Khattri

My idea of Success – Shubhr Khattri

March 11, 2016 6 By admin

My Idea Of Success

The word success in itself has a universe. What is success? Is it the money that you make or some sentimental accomplishment? Is it accomplishing a task you never thought you could ever achieve or some petty thing big enough to make you happy?



After almost 20 years of not doing anything worthy at all, my eyes were scouting for anything worthwhile that can add up to my life’s resume. It is then I associated with a Direct Selling organisation and decided to become an entrepreneur. It seemed difficult at the beginning but yes then again, what’s life without difficulties. I had to do everything thing that I didn’t want to do. I had to socialize, I had to represent myself on stage in front of an audience (which back then was my greatest nightmare), I had to be dressed up nicely and most importantly, I had to change.

Of all the above mentioned things, changing yourself for the better is the most strenuous task of all. The day you are willing to do it is the day your life will change forever.

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I presented my idea to a lot of people but neither of them showed a glimpse of interest. Eventually some did,but a larger part didn’t. And as I look back upon my journey, I’d be thankful to those who decided to stand by me but I’ll give a bigger and better thankyou note to those who didn’t. Had they been on my side, I wouldn’t had to step out of my comfort zone and like I said, decide to change myself. Couldn’t avoid not to mention the few special people I met in ‘Sharing Achievements` who played a big part in making me the person I am today. “I realised the more you do it for yourself, the lesser to achieve and the more you do it for other, together you all shall grow”.

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From being an introvert, a person who ever feared the idea of stepping on stage leave away the speaking part, who hated dressing up in formals to today, I think I have come a long way. I have rediscovered myself and my real journey is just beginning. Answering the question I raised right at the beginning, Success for me is not one big thing, it is a sum total of all small achievements in a day which can be almost anything. For me, the idea of succes is when you meet a totally

unknown person to discuss one idea, having different opinions but one common goal (success), and end up writing a small piece for his website(




“Stay loyal to your dreams, believe in them, you are going the right way and if    

you believe, Work hard and smile there’s nothing you can’t accomplish.”

Idea of Success

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