The Mojhi Story – Greeshmanth

The Mojhi Story – Greeshmanth

June 13, 2016 0 By Kasi Viswanath Raju

World is a fascinating place, and those who haven’t traveled have only lived uneventful lives. My enthusiasm for travel and adventure has taken me through backpacking in the Himalayas, to paragliding in the Alps, hostel hopping in Europe to creating India’s largest marketplace for adventure activities with over 4000 adventures provided by more than 350 operators across 5 countries. Through my experiences in traveling and adventure across ten countries and most especially in India got me thinking about how I could fill in the gap between travelers and tour operators and improve the adventure scenario. On a backpacking trip in Himachal Pradesh with my father, I got stuck for 2 days in an outlandish village called Mojhi. On returning, I registered a domain with the same name 5 years ago without a clear cut plan. The seed was sown.

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While Kayaking in Rishikesh last year, I saw a couple who were eagerly looking for Rafting  options. Even after a long online search on their phones, they couldn’t find precise and reliable information regarding the pricing, duration and the operators available. Personally speaking to the operators was a tedious task, and that too didn’t help them in finding the best one. That is when I realized I could set up a platform with simple, reliable and comprehensive information for first timers to explore a sport or seasoned adventurers to find the right tour operator.

What the problem was?

The 200 billion dollar global adventure travel industry held for us huge opportunities and we were up for it at the right time. I planted the idea into my IIM buddy Viswanath’s brain who also shared the same zeal for adventure. Soon we formed a team bringing Naveen’s Operational Expetise and Bhavpreet’s coding skills and began our research into the market. We started to address all the pain points in the online travel market where close to 70% of people searched for adventure travel on the internet. We basically found two sides to the story.

The tour operator market was highly segmented. Most operators didn’t have an online platform to reach out to customers, the operators had to be on field and there was no one to attend to the customer queries and most had no form of online payment gateway. This disability of the operators is what we wanted to address.


On the other end of the spectrum lie our travelers who sitting in their houses could not find which operator offered what services, at what price and with what quality. It was now clear what defined the Online travel industry – “Convenience”. And that is where could make the difference.

How we plugged the leak?

We started off creating a vast collection of pages which offered detailed information about a particular adventure and brought into the same page all the different operators that offered that adventure. On these pages, the customer can compare information from multiple operators side by side regarding the rates, the duration and itinerary. The resulting competition among the operators ensures they maintain their pricing- fair and quality- top notch. Clients who need custom packages could give us their preferences and the operators at the target location would be notified and they customize the tour accordingly. We also have a platform on the website where the client can directly chat with the operators who can give them a clear picture about the ground reality. This solution now addresses all the problems and the customer can make an informed decision very conveniently and also make a payment right away on the website. The operator is then automatically notified of all the details.

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Why we are the most successful adventure marketplace in India?

Providing every alternative with relevant information to users, giving them the freedom and flexibility to choose which adventure and operator they want to pick is key to the’s model. Transparency regarding all the details of the operator makes reliable and this explains our ever loyal customer base. We have a credible amount of foreign travellers booking through our website for which we are ever ready with 24/7 customer support and payment options through PayPal. We also have the easiest and the most effective adventure consultant tool on the website which helps you find, compare and book your next adventure.

The vision:

We currently operate in 4 countries: Nepal, Sri Lanka, Dubai and Tanzania and will be expanding our reach to 15 countries by the end of the year. For all the right reasons, we are growing at 20% month after month and have grossed over $30,000 in GMV for March 2016. We have users from US, UK, India, Japan and 10 other countries. Every single traveler from anywhere on the planet wanting to experience any form of adventure anywhere in the world  should go through – That’s our ultimate vision!

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