The guy everyone is acquainted with, no one knows! – Himanshu Poswal

The guy everyone is acquainted with, no one knows! – Himanshu Poswal

January 17, 2017 0 By Himanshu Poswal

   As the title suggests, I do not really have many friends but a huge circle of acquaintances that have been real kind to me. They all helped in scoring a cent most of the times in this test of network freaky world.

So, one fine afternoon, in a boring class at 12/13 years of age, I scribbled something on the backside of my textbook. Scrawling rhyming words and penning down the little knowledge of my Hindi vocabulary, I wrote a poem. That was immediately after 26/11 Mumbai attacks and the poem was an evidence of the pain I was going through!

Following a series of events, my teacher happened to see that poem and made few edits followed by few kind words of appreciation. I remember I recited that poem at different events and bagged few awards.

Things changed quite fast from here. I was actively looking forward to more opportunities and this was when I came in contact with my first apparent boss who taught me a lot of things about content writing and managing the content online. During the same time, I happened to be a part of one of the national debating competition and eventually made through the initial rounds.

While I was sailing smooth in different rounds and still trying my hands at writing, I developed a taste for travel as well. Moving to different cities made me crave badly for more and gathering information about different places, their history etc

I will say these things were running in parallel and by now, I was gaining little recognition for my work and getting approached by different start-ups to write for them. I feel that one of my initial blogs where I used to write fiction helped people recognize my work and the posts there were considered as the samples.

All these things were happening in late 2013 and my board examination was round the corner. By now, I had been to many places and worked at few start-ups. In short, I started to observe and absorb the corporate exposure. I admit that my pace halted at this point considering I had to appear for the board examination but this 4-6 month halt proved beneficial for me.

It was during this time when I started reading/learning about the algorithms of Google, Facebook and different social media sites and tried hands at exploiting this knowledge for brand building online and increasing the online presence of different brands.

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Around this time, I used to write for an online portal and kept talking to the concerned person about my newly generated interest. After considering my seriousness, he let me handle few accounts and results were exceptional. The things I read actually helped and I was using those algorithms finely to cash the opportunity I received.

Due to few mistakes, I made there, I was asked to leave there but that too taught me a lesson. I improved on those mistakes and have worked with many brands and start-ups helping them in increasing their online presence and content management.

I will also like to mention about a team of content writers I formed and started taking direct orders from the respective owners/content heads of the companies as per their requirement. I was quite young and acting as a mediator. Although, I dissolved that thing later since I was stuck in the same casual routine there and was not learning much after a point but it contributed to my individual growth.

At the same time, it has to be understood that this was not as easy as it seems to be! One of the biggest challenges was to settle it with parents. They were little critical of me ignoring studies (although it was no ta case) and was even termed as greedy for money at very young age. One thing that kept bugging me was the internet. That was a time when WiFi was not that common and there have been days where I survived on hotspot from my phone. Another factor was lack of a mentor. Little support from the parents, I relied mostly on self learning and reading productive content. I feel if I had some senior or a mentor to guide a little, maybe things would have been different.

I have fair networks, kind acquaintances and very fewer friends. I travel often and follow the respective algorithms of social media sites but avoid working for different people. I find that the key is just to try, work hard, giving up on previous things and keep experimenting until you settle.

In a quest of new adventure, I am busy building a community named Stories Worth Sharing and address younger students in workshops/seminars over different ways of making money and learning through social media.

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