Flair with Flare – Ami Shroff

Flair with Flare – Ami Shroff

September 2, 2016 0 By admin

My full name is Ami Behram Shroff, born on the 9th of October 1985 and brought up in Bombay.
As a child I would always fall into trouble, loved to play everything, got easily distracted by anything, wasn’t a reader and questioned everything told and whatever little I read.
I had a strong imagination and hardly focused in class. But through a mix of it all, I did receive an awesome education. Still I could complain(about our education system)

My parents(Behram and Rekha Shroff) were extremely patient through it all, even if they would tell me we’ve given up. I understood unconditional love and care from them.
As a kid, I gave them a super hard time and I couldn’t avoid trouble.
And they still gave me all the freedom. I do have the coolest parents.
We are a family of teachers. Dad was a layer and professor of Law in 2 colleges, Mom is a retired professor of Sociology, my sister teaches English and French and I sometimes teach how to flair and juggle 🙂IMG_20151221_235943

I loved to play. Loved all sports and was pretty decent at it too. Think sports was my foundation that helped me build my flair skills.
Sports also gave me the confidence to believe in myself when choosing unconventional paths.
I was the class clown and that was the foundation for the performer in me.FB_IMG_1441962105852

Had first seen flair in a movie(Cocktail) which totally fascinated me. But it was only in college when my friend (Delnaaz and I) came across a flair bartender(Ankit Nigandhi) through whom we met other flair bartenders, got gigs and entered the industry.
Years later I met other performers in Goa and learnt other juggling styles which eventually I incorporated into my work.

Delnaaz and I freelanced, got to travel a lot through work and we loved it. We made a great team and found work easily through word of mouth. Think the travelling was my favorite part of the profession for the longest time. I also enjoyed the attention and appreciation that came with being a flair bartender.FB_IMG_1441962001003

Although it was an unconventional path,I don’t think I had too many challenges in the beginning or later.
When your in a niche field and you have fun at your job nothings too challenging.
Perhaps tiny troubles come your way (which is mostly a part of the job and part of the learning too)
Like dealing with too much or too little crowd; covering up small errors; over friendly guests and guests with attitude. Etc.

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I have very cool parents and a super supportive sister.
Initially there was a lot of concern but right from childhood my parents were concerned about me,and perhaps this concern was also predictable and they got over it quite soon.
Their support was mainly through freedom. Which I’ve hardly expressed to them; but for which I’m extremely and forever grateful.
They taught me unconditional love and what’s more supportive than that?IMG_20151123_095634_339

My profession started of as a hobby and at some point(I’m not sure when) became my career.
And it all happened quite organically. I made many plans for the future. Somehow I mainly stuck to this one. Perhaps also because it paid well maybe.

I still want to try out new things, enter spaces unexplored, travel without an itinerary, stay curious, follow my instinct and give my heart and soul into whatever I’m doing when I am doing it.

Ami Shroff

Flair With Flare 🙂

I am in love with love and I may not career oriented but I think I am quite ambitious.

Thank you.

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