A breath of Fresh Air – Vitality Air

A breath of Fresh Air – Vitality Air

May 26, 2016 0 By Vitality Air

It all started back in November of 2014 with a few of us sitting around chatting about life and different business ideas. A topic was put forth about how bad the air quality was in different parts of the world and just how lucky we are for the clean air we get to breathe on a daily bases here in Canada. We discussed how cool it would be if we could find a way to capture some of our pristine air and send it around the world for people to experience.

We got together to figure out how we could make this work and to see if people would even buy it. We needed to test the market but weren’t sure exactly how. We came up with the idea of filling freezer bags with Banff(National Park In Canada) air and put them on Ebay  just to see what would happen.

Our first bag sold for 99 cents after a few weeks of listing. So we decided to list another larger bag and boom!! It sold for $168 dollars.


At that point we were certain that we had something and started looking into larger airbags but, soon realized the shipping was going to kill us. We did a lot more research and finally came up with the container and masks we have now. Is a great design whereby it’s a 2 and one cap and a mask.

The next challenge was collecting the air.  At first it would only take us a few hours but  with the increased demand  we would be there for a day or two just capturing and vacuuming it up. We then transport it back to Edmonton where we bottled our containers. It took us a while but we were able to design some specialized equipment whereby we can hand fill our containers without the use of any propellants or chemicals.

From there we began bottling air from the beautiful Rocky Mountains of Alberta and sending it worldwide!

Our second line is a container of 95% oxygen. We currently have regular and flavored oxygen like, Root Beer, Strawberry and even Grape. It has turned out to be extremely popular with our clients. We are just starting to get into the Indian market and look forward to being able to offer the people a breath of fresh air, a chance for a small break from the daily pollution.



Till now several obstacles stood in our way, such as how we’re going to market the product, or, how to ship it. Even till now, we are facing great obstacles as much of the world is exposed to this really new and revolutionary product

But – we are continuing to have lots of fun with it, and we hope that India will really enjoy some breaths of fresh air.We are anticipating that India would be our largest target market. We will be doing some very unique things as well, such as have different flavors, and have some very different product lines. Our products will be very fresh and innovative.1505258_1645432905671034_1445739471374824700_n

As a new company, we have to ensure that our customers are engaged, and also that our products meet their demands. We are working hard to ensure we meet those criteria. As a brand new startup ,we face many challenges as well, such as finances. We are constantly looking for investors.12662592_1709008865980104_5445721853520495049_n

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Also as a new company, sales and distribution is usually the number one concern. We are looking to grow our company through looking for suitable distributors for the country of India. India is so huge, and there is so much population, the potential for this market is unbelievable.

Even After successfully delivering the product to China for quiet some time, awe still face startup troubles. Right now, lots of customers are looking to live a healthier life style, and they can do so by exercising more, dieting, and taking supplements. However if they live in an area with high air pollution, they are constantly surrounded by potential toxins. We hope that customers who are looking to live healthier lifestyles will begin to realize that the air they breath really has a big affect on their health.


Because our product Is so new, we did face a little bit of negativity in north America. People who didn’t fully understand the product were saying things like “How do you know you didn’t bottle farts?” and lots of other silly comments.

Fortunately, for those in India that do understand the product, we had many people inquire about our products. We are striving for our product to become a life style product. We are looking to be the next bottled water. 10 years ago, people laughed at bottled water. They said, why should people be buying water, when you can get it out of the tap? Fact of the matter now, is that people don’t trust the water from out of the taps. And soon, with all the forest fires and air pollution, people will realize that air will be heading in the same direction.


For us, we have a long road ahead of us, but we feel we will be having lots of fun with this. We will have lots of new product lines coming shortly.

Thank you.


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