The Pheonix Kind – Rajoshi Sarkar

The Pheonix Kind – Rajoshi Sarkar

January 12, 2018 0 By Illiterate Folks

If you are broken, you  are falling short of words although you have a lot to say and everyone around you seems to have an unpleasant aura, then let me tell you it’s perfectly normal, know why? Not because it’s just a phase but you are very much in the process of becoming mature.




Here’s the deal, there’s a flabbergasted dichotomy about our existence as sane humans and our lives, firstly it’s too short to lament about things that hurt us on a daily basis. They all say this but we won’t find ourselves fluttering in the mellowed skies of happiness all the time either. But, be it anything, any nonchalance soul in this world though it seems very difficult tries his level best to cherish every moment, it all starts to neutralize and we realise that we have grown up.

So does it mean cherishing every moment is the ideality? 

If you are getting my point right then I believe I won’t be wrong if I say that the instant you start rejoicing those hard times too, the way you made your way out of it like a gladiator, all wrecked and bruised yet alive is a matter of not only great pride but also to the entire enthralling process of  boosting that self-esteem.
I always wasn’t like this you know?





Growing up in a household where there were more fights than cheerful family outings. When later in the evening one can expect a hearty conversation with their loved ones  over a cup of coffee and all I could hear were endless arguments. Things started becoming pretty much formidable specially expressing myself at the first self. I
though it will go eventually. Not being able to say anything and soon it became suffocating.

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I saw people excelling and there I was good for nothing. People who know me today would never believe I was a like a feeble deer, be it my personality or my academics but that is how it was and it was until middle school but then I realised something has to be done. INSTANTLY!




I decided to call the shots, being vocal about things, make friends not just for the sake of making them but took time to actually observe if they were the kind who would stay or not. And the sole reason for doing all this was to pour my heart out. I guess, I had started cherishing everything after all it was about building a new me somewhere or the other.

Yes, it never was easy, I had my set backs, a lot many breaking points and at times even some hecklers in the patio of me becoming invincible but giving up wasn’t an option at all! I was just busy undergoing immunization from anything that could hurt me anymore. Little did I realise I had attained a new level of maturity.

So this was years ago, caution! I’m  going to boast about myself now, I’m pretty much of a self-sustained person now ready for kind of quibble. Today I believe that whatever happened around me was not that innocuous and as a matter of fact people appreciate each other much more than before as time passes. Yes I still don’t let loose of myself to everyone, trusting people takes a bit of time, but when I do, I can assure you, your life will surely be much more interesting than before.

Concluding here, next time when you face a problem?



Remember not to just sit back and watch things just happen to you, life will keep on going on, you have the reins of your destination in your own hands, make life happen to you!

Rajoshi Sarkar

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