An Introvert’s perception of talking to others – Vasu Dua

My journey is more of an experience than a story. And the reason why I remember it is because it is a very profound and a distinct one. It definitely puts me on the platter and defines a part of me.
I read the meaning of introvert in school and pondered over it. Hardly did I know that college would make me encounter and taste it. When I came here, I had a very hard time interacting with people. School is all about comfort zone but college is analogous to stepping into the outside world, full of challenges and adventures. And my first and toughest challenge was communication. Going to someone, coming to know them and making friends was a big deal for me. I know it’s hard to digest but it’s true.
Effortless as we all are in school, college was completely the opposite. Probably because I was too scared to hurt someone, to make another person uncomfortable. And in the process, I myself became clumsy and lost the opportunities to talk to so many people, to listen to so many stories, so many experiences, so many learnings. Listening to music, roaming in the corridors alone and playing mobile games was all that I did for leisure. Even if I wanted to, I could never overcome the fear of “just talking” to someone. But here came the role of my classmates who not only were amazingly supportive but they didn’t let me just sit alone. And to my surprise, once they started the conversation, I could talk to them easily. But even with them, my hesitation to initiate a conversation didn’t vanish.
It would be a gross misinterpretation to say that some of us introverts don’t want to talk. It may be so that we think too much about how to go to someone, how to begin, what topics to talk about and probably wait for others to come to us. This task which is like breathing for many others, proves to be a humongous one for us. It may extend to such a level that it may tire us and lead to avoidance and laziness in even giving it a try. This portrays my situation of being scared to be misunderstood. I tried to overcome my anxiety and fear but no fruit did it bear.
So I took a new year resolution to work upon myself, both physically and psychologically. I know that it is all in my head and if I make up my mind, I’ll surely surpass my fears. And talking to new people may not be so simple, but I’m surely working hard on it. And I’m proud to say that I’m getting better. I’m seeing growth in me. I’m seeing light in me. And I know I’ll achieve what I want sooner or later. _”Aakhir koshish karne waalon ki kabhi haar nahin hoti!”_
And here, to all my shy, reserved friends, I say- Guys, just talk! 
It may be platitude but I reiterate. Just talk to every person you want to. Don’t ever care about judgements. Never think too much and say what strikes first to your mind. If you will be confident, mark my words, others will be just as comfortable as you are. Every person is a storyteller and by not interacting, you are only keeping yourself away from telling so many marvellous tales that could make all laugh, so many emotions that could make all weep. It is only natural to be scared to take the first step, but remember always, don’t talk to be liked by others, talk to put forth yourself as a person, facing the world with head high instead of hiding under a veil because you are a beautiful person. Believe in yourself and make a move.
It’s better to go for it than to just wonder and regret.
So JUST TALK and create indelible memories !!


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