Why follow Someone When You can Follow Your Desire – Lakshay Anand

Why follow Someone When You can Follow Your Desire – Lakshay Anand

February 4, 2018 0 By Illiterate Folks

They threw pebbles, burnt my path with fire.  

But I resisted, to follow my desire.


Ever since I embarked my journey in amity, the one thing that stayed persistent in my life is the enthusiasm in what I am doing; which is what I have always wanted to do. But it wasn’t that easy. I had to go through Himalayas of obstacles from the people closest to my heart. But I “resisted”. I had to, because I wanted to follow my dreams.So, I was all planned before I joined amity. But, I had never imagined what was coming my way in this spectacular journey. It was indeed a serendipity for me. Some revelations of myself that engendered a drastic transformation in my persona.



I always made a bubble encasing myself with only a few special ones getting a niche in that bubble. Yes, perhaps you could say that I was slightly introvert. But in amity, the bubble grew and inflated tremendously. Fortunately, I got friends from the very first day I set foot in the campus. I made more later. I made so many connections in amity than I have ever made before. But the most important point here I want to confess is that the transformation in me is largely attributed to the love and support I got from these friends. Having said that I would want to include that it was not always happy times. I had experienced some upheavals in my friendship life and I had also lost some friends. But I learned a lesson that not all people deserve to be called as “friends”, or I prefer to call them “pseudo-friends” as they befriend you for their needs. But, fortunately, at the end some of them are the “true” ones who vowed to live eternal friendship with you.

I am a vehement itinerant, and have a profound desire to visit so many places encompassing magnificent landscapes, breathtaking adventures, and mesmerizing serenity. I have been to some of those places , but have many left in my bucket list. Obviously, travelling with friends magnifies the adventure and also incorporate those memorable moments that we live with them.



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Amity has a humongous sprawling area that harbour several thousands of lives with people scattered almost everywhere living there moments. During the course, I have also been to so many such places created distinctive memories associated with that place. Pizza parties at  the famous H-block, regular lunch at I-block canteen, soaking vitamin D in winters at amity’s beautiful artificial grass gardens, are just to name a few. But there are bad things too. That annoying obligatory “other language” course that is just used to stuff the resume. And yes, how can I forget the most terrifying thing in amity, the “attendance”. Well, I would want to say that one of the best things in amity is the “Army Camp”. It was really a novel experience in itself filled with camaraderie, patriotism, and obviously agility.

I have been biologically programmed to posses some morphological traits that mislead many people. “foreigner”, “angrez”, “gora” are the names that my friends call me because of that. One moment everyone distinctly remember is when one of our faculties called me, and asked “do you know Hindi?”. All of my friends burst into laughter. It was really funny. Believe me I have had many such experiences so that I have accustomed myself for that. 😀



And now ,I want to share about an interest I grew and nourished in amity. It’s about writing poems and I owe that to all my friends for helping me discover a new thing about me. Interestingly, I was compelled by my “best friend” to write a poem for her birthday. She was so happy when she got the poem that she said it was the best gift she had. This spurred my interest more and then I started writing poems for my close friends as their birthday gifts. I only write customized poems for the people close to my heart incorporating the moments I shared with them. But, recently I wrote a general poem “GoodByeAmity” delineating the experience of amity lived by almost all amitians described as they are leaving the amity. I am still at a juvenile stage of being a poet but will continue writing more as I believe a poem is a precise way to express your thoughts.

I am leaving Amity taking with me plethora of unforgettable moments, wonderful friends, and entirely transformed life that she gave me. Wherever I will go, this will always stay with me.



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