Self Love should Always be the Priority – Shubhangini

Self Love should Always be the Priority – Shubhangini

February 11, 2018 0 By Illiterate Folks

Life kinda change sometimes. Maybe for good or for the worst. As humans we probably fail to understand everything. So did I. Changes are good sometimes. I guess it’s alright to be confused too. Somehow I managed to sort things out. Kinda awkward for me. As I was in a doubt of doing so .

In early stages of life. When I was young, I was under the constant pressure to doubt myself or my capabilities. Every other day I tried to overcome them. Somehow failed and achieved them too. Grow and explore as much as you can. These are the only ways one can gain experiences. I feel amazing now, out of the blue even, as a woman I have bloomed into. Enhanced my skills, embraced myself. What not ? List is endless I suppose.



Loved myself for what I am. Not what others wanted me to be. Cliché isn’t it? But nothing can replace that line. Stop living life on the radars of others. They don’t even care . Stop underestimating yourself. Best of you is yet to come. Patience is must.

I remember the days when I was in school. The guys and the girls around shaming me. My curly hair, my brown skin, the way I am not so girly. I still hate those people for destroying my genuine opinion about school life. But today I outstand most of them . In every aspect of life. Whether it be knowledge, beauty or skills.

Always believe in yourself! It’s you who will lift yourself up when you fall down .

Fate changes, table turns.

Now guy’s are mad about me and I don’t give a Damn. The curls they used to hate have become the obsession for other’s. Here’s a note to take.  It’s you who knows what is right for you. Cherish yourself for the best outcome. Certain times I failed to express my feelings of liking someone or maybe developing a good friendship. It used to take me a lot of time to think and analyze what I want. The negative impact it gave on my life was horrendous.


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I  have learned that beauty isn’t what matters. That is a thing which allures someone’s eyes for few moments. Maybe few weeks or even months. You can’t make that out. It’s absurd to know that sometimes.

The thing which matters is “YOU”. How you see yourself in next 10 years. How much you love yourself . It must be you which matters to you a lot more than anyone else. Few of us neglect the importance of being me. We should channelize our inner energies for a positive outcome.

No matter how hard it seems. There’s always a way out. Stay strong, stay motivated. Even God’s failed in their wars. We are humans and humans function on mistakes. Never stop loving people around you. It’s the most important part considered in one’s life. To overlook yourself and judge how lovable you are. How much love you may pass to different other people even though they hate you. Ever judge what you can’t accept.

The internalized liberalization of one’s mind will set one’s soul free. Never back down! Fight, fight yourself to become a good human. For the next  coming years you should be proud of yourself seeing the past you have been in  and your growth of and for the future.





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