Don’t leave your passion and it will never leave you. – Umang Gaba

Don’t leave your passion and it will never leave you. – Umang Gaba

March 20, 2018 0 By Illiterate Folks

I never knew what my passion was till the age of 23. I was directionless, I changed so many fields in life and I never thought I will be a writer ever, but life imparted wisdom to me in its own and very hard ways and I became one.

I was settled, by the age of 23. I was a post-graduate with a working experience of almost two years. But, I was never happy with my job. Yes, I would say it was sucking the life out of me.

We never know what life is going to throw at us the next moment. I also didn’t know and I was never prepared for it. I had a breakdown. I was so vulnerable; exhausted emotionally, mentally and physically.

It took me three months of sessions and a year to get rid of anxiety. Earlier I was that person who was way too concerned about what others think of me. I was scared of people’s judgement, being alone and being left out was one of my biggest fear. But, those sessions gave me the strength and I turned out completely fine.

At such crucial stage of life when everybody was getting promotion, I resigned trusting the Universe and a pen.

It’s not that I didn’t face any challenges. There were challenges both internal and external. I was petrified, but somehow my faith overpowered my fears. People tried to impose their decisions on me and I just let them judge for that’s what they have been doing since the creation of this holy mankind. Whatever I went through in that one year, I penned that down, it helped and I don’t know when I started enjoying it.

Now I’m a poet and I love what I do. I named my blog Directionless Poetry. I was directionless and believed that this blog will get me where I am meant to be in life. Now I try to give direction to my each and every thought in the form of poetry.



I still trust the universe, all the powers it has bestowed me with. Whatever we are seeking in it is already inside us one should just know the art of self-exploration.

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For me the freedom of heart comes before everything in life. I know the success in this field never comes easily but, I also know nothing worth having comes easily. I read somewhere the Universe falls in love with stubborn heart and that’s what I am doing.

Also, I am a firm believer of karma. One wrong deed, it will hit you back may not today but someday.

At the end I would just like to say,

Do what makes your heart happy, life is way too precious to be lived in a virtual prison.

Live each moment of your life and don’t let anything deprive you off that.

Take risks for the things you are passionate about.

The fear of taking risk is nothing as compared to the pain of regret





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