Writing never comes easy to you – Ekta Chandel

Writing never comes easy to you – Ekta Chandel

January 15, 2018 0 By Illiterate Folks
It isn’t about completing the 100 years of your life
 How you pass all your nineteen years just going to the school and college, attending the classes, listening to the lectures, suppressing your thoughts and emotions and making your life revolve around the high grades! And then all of a sudden, it hits your mind that in the so-called process of growing upyou never grew up. You kept on hiding your emotions and feelings just because you were not comfortable in expressing them

Whenever you used to learn or know something new, the speeches played in the background of your mind, thinking of yourself on the stage, telling the world that it is not just about completing the 100 years of your life, but learning new and leaving a mark every day. Then one day, the intense thoughts deny to remain any longer within the boundaries of your mind and you have to put it all on the paper. Yes, this is what happened with me. I am a writer who quotes her emotions on a paper. 



I started writing when I was in 8th standard. I used to write in a diary. But I was lazy enough to express things in the form of poetries and articles. My diary was a compilation of rough pieces, portraying the social issues. Other than the social issues, I had many more thoughts. I was fascinated by the people around me because their frequent and strange attitude was just like – we know honesty is the best policy, but we do not understand it.

As the years passed, I continued with my higher studies and joined Amity University. Initially, I was not much involved in the activities other than the studies, but then one day I gave my name for some poem competition. I wrote my first poem ‘Your Pretty Soul’. Though my poem wasn’t selected for that competition, I remember how my friends and classmates appreciated my work. So, it was just a start. In the meantime, I learned that there are many opportunities outside, you just need to prepare yourself. 

Gradually, I started investing more time in improving my writing skills. I and one of my friends, who also had a deep interest in it, started working hard together. We posted articleson a blog, we shared it on various social platforms. People liked our work.

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After few months, there were these so-called friends of minewho started telling me and texting me things like – ‘Hey, I appreciate your work, though I don’t check any of the links you share, but tell me one thing. Is it important to share it everywhere?’

‘Don’t say anything wrong about her or she will write an article on you!’.

It sounds common to you but when I was on my half way climbing the ladder towards my passion, it felt wrong. 

I started to develop negative thinking towards my work and even started doubting myself. But still I kept on writing. Sometimes heartily and sometimes unwillingly. And as said by Martin Luther King Jr., “If you can’t fly then run, if you can’t run then walk, if you can’t walk then crawl, but whatever you do you have to keep moving forward.” And so, I kept on moving. After few days, we started seeing the results. Our viewers increased. Apart from this we even started with the commercial content writing services. We developed our skills with the passing days. And not only this, but we also got to know our potential. And we are planning to start many other new things.

The most important thing that we learnt is that – The significance of what you learn on your way to success is greater than the achievement of success itself. 

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