Live life in the fast lane. – Abhishek Dubey

Live life in the fast lane. – Abhishek Dubey

March 21, 2018 0 By Illiterate Folks

SpeedI am speed. One winner, rest losers.

Yes, you read right. Now that’s a dialogue from an animated children’s movie and what does that have to do with me? U might think

Answer? Well, to know that you will have to know my story.

I was in standard 6th when I got my first bike. A Pulsar 180. And all I could think of, was how fast I could go. The wind that hit my face, the revving of the engine and the torque of the bike was the best feeling for me. I took time to master the skill but it was all worth it. I fell, I rose up and rode again. I learnt and taught. Time flew.

Then in 2017 I heard of a race. A race for pulsar owners but for 200cc bikes. I had been asking dad for a new bike for some time now and this seemed to be the best opportunity for me to test myself too. So even before getting a new bike I registered myselfLuckily, my dad gifted me a new bike before the race day. A brand new pulsar RS200. I started practicing the same day. It was a new experience but I simply loved it. The bike became kind of my body part. I used to spend more time on it than on my bed.



Finally it was race day. I remember saying to myself that no matter what happened that day, my life would change forever. And so I raced. And to my surprise I ended up in third position. I was stunned. I did have confidence on myself but this was a bonus for me. I was happy. On the same day there was another race and I decided to participate but unfortunately didn’t finish podium. But I had impressed everyone there by finishing 3rd on my first race and so I earned my license to race on track!!

Since then I had to race once every week. The organizers provided the bike and the gear. I was doing very good. I won races and my time was one of the best. 

One fine day I got a call from Kawasaki. They offered me a race. It wasn’t a major event. They wanted to see if I was ready for the Big races in the Buddh International Circuit. It was one of the best days of my life. I passed with flying colors. So they asked me to officially race for them. 

They gave a  Ninja 650. Huge bike and the first time for me. I couldn’t decide was I more happy or nervous. I started practicing on a regular basis and got used to the bike. 


Then came the big day. Race day. I ended on 13 position out of 15 racers. I was disgusted. I didn’t know if they would allow me to race again for them. But they did. They gave me another shot. After a week there was another race scheduled at the Buddh International Circuit. I was very very nervous for this one. I couldn’t decide what to say. Weather to race at all. But I said yes. 

That day was a memorable one. Only 15 minutes into the race I had a fall. But it wasn’t a very bad one and I was back in the race. I finished 7th. People applauded me for my effort. I was motivated. The next day I had another race. This time I was confident maybe too much. I had a bad crash. I was rushed to the hospital. MRI  scan showed that I  a slipped a bone and  a vein of mine  stuck between two other bones. I couldn’t walk, sit for long or sleep properly. Plus I had to pay the company 15k coz I almost destroyed the bike. I was broke and couldn’t ask my parents because they didn’t know I was racing. That was the biggest low I ever had.

My race fees then was Rs 3500 per race( whether I win or lose). I decided to pay them back by racing and not collecting my fees. They thankfully agreed. Its wasn’t easy, one because of my injury and second because I had exams in college. I was losing hope. At that moment my doctor said that if I strain too much my injury might never heal at all and then I would never be able to walk properly let alone race. I asked for some time and went for physiotherapy. It took two months for me to heal, and I was back on the track. This time Not because I wanted to but because I had to.



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Weeks passed by and I payed them back, bit by bit, one race at a time. I finally managed to pay the complete amount. I walked off for good. I decided to not race again. But life had other plans.

Exactly 3 weeks later, I got a call from Yamaha motors. They had been scouting me for some time and they wanted me to race for them. As far as I could remember, this had been my dream. To race for a team that my idol Valentino Rossi did. But I had seen and been through the worst. I refused point-blank. My mind and body didn’t even want to wander near a race track or a sports bike. They said that I had the potential and that the doors would be open in case I changed my mind.

Meanwhile I had got in contact with MUMBIKER Nikhil. He inspired me very much and I had got in touch with him through the races itself. I told him about the offer Yamaha had given me and the decision I took. He told me to think over again. He said that all this injury, crashes and the ups and lows were all part and parcel of Racing. And that it would happen often but I had to decide how tough I was. Whether I would decide to quit and let go or get back, was my decision but that decision would surely reflect what am I made of. I thought over again and called Yamaha again. I told them that I would first like to practice on the bike they gave me and then decide whether I wanted to sign a contract or not.

They showed me the bike. A Yamaha R6. All I could do istand there with my mouth open and stare at that beast. From the moment I sat on the seat, I felt a connection. 

I practiced as much as I could and then I raced. That race was the best race of my life. I finished 4th but each second on that bike was like heaven for me. Team Yamaha was happy with my performance and they offered me the contract. They offered 10k per race plus high quality equipment.

I simply couldn’t refuse. 

That day changed my life for ever. From putting my life on the line for 3500 rupees to now wearing equipment worth 1lakh 20 thousand rupees. My life changed in the fast lane.

cant thank God enough for the opportunities and the wonderful people I have around me who motivated me and supported me in my phase of depression.



I wonder what my life would have been now if I had not called  Team Yamaha that day but, I am pretty sure it wouldn’t have been this. I am living my dream of being a racer. Now upgraded to the highest category of 1000cc bikes and I ride my dream bike the Yamaha R1.       

I also have been saving my money to buy my dream bike(Yamaha r1) and have already collected a big amount.

I have a sponsorship from Gopro India for motor vloggingI have an official sponsorship from TVS for the launch and testing of their bikes.

And finally, I have won two state racing championships and I am still undefeated  and State champion.

I now look back and realise that I had my share of failures and depressions but the decisions that I made have made and my patience have finally paid off. I still do have so many things to learn and much more to accomplish but that’s the best part and in the end it all comes down to one thing




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