Life as I know it – Sharmishtha Pandey

From the moment we open our eyes, we come across hundreds of people every day. They call themselves Friends, family, neighbors, colleagues, passersby and other social names that define relationships.  Out of these, most stay for a fraction of a second that ends as the eye contact breaks while others stay a little longer than that. I have, for the most part, been lucky in finding the people that belong to the latter category. Like others, I have borne a fair share of heartbreaks, fights with old friends and loss of a close family member but through it all I have had people that have gracefully proven their worth.
Coming to Amity or Delhi in general was an idea that made scared and exited at the same time. It was majorly about the kind of people I will find here or the “friends” that I will get to make. Although I’m an extrovert I reside with the notion about myself that I have a particular type of people that I get along with. And I had zero hopes that I will find even one person that matches the criteria. I got at least a 20! I have people that I can call family without giving second thoughts. And they have shaped my experience in college in such a beautiful yet knotty way that I am mostly thankful for what I’ve become. Some have shed from my life like dry leaves from a branch while others are as fresh as new. I have learnt the key lesson there is to learn in college i.e. hardly anyone stays for forever. And I have grown conventional with the fact. That’s one step closer to being mature.
All in all, once again, I was lucky enough to have the bigger share of amazing people. Amity hasn’t failed to surprise me with its variety every now and then. I have seen more sides to people in the past two years than I had seen at all before coming here. I hardly think I will be this lucky with the type of people I find in the next phase of my life or ever again. I don’t think I am thankful enough or I give this fact as much credit as it deserves. I don’t think any of us do.

  Sharmishtha Pandey

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