I wish to fulfill his wish of watching me sing – Divy lata

I wish to fulfill his wish of watching me sing – Divy lata

February 8, 2018 0 By Illiterate Folks

4 years of Amity has taught me how to tackle different people.

It was my last working minute at college 4 years ago at 2:30 on 30th July. I was trying to collect and take with me whatever bits of memories I could. Tennis with juniors seemed like a really good way. I stepped on the court at 3:45 pm and at 4:30 I was looking for the first way to reach the hospital. My father had suffered a cardiac arrest and pancreatic attack and he could not make it.

My college life was more engaging than I thought for it to be. I played tennis and I played a lot of it and made it to the Nationals. I also had an avid inclination towards theatre. I made trips to Delhi, to Mumbai and back to Jaipur for various theatre performances. The four years passed by; in a Flash.

I still remember that one day when I was humming a song and my dad overheard me. He said I should pursue a career in singing. I knew what I had to do the moment I got his news on 30th of July.

They say tough times tell you who your real friends are. I experienced it for real. Just as the news of my father being no more with us spread, the people I considered family started to fall short. A close relative of ours betrayed our family and within months we went bankrupt. I had already left the job after 3 months from the company I got placed in via college placements. That TIME was a test I could not afford to fail. I started to work day and night. I had to get back on my feet, support my family. I got a job at a diner and worked as a delivery boy for months.  I served as a paper vendor at Juhu. I even worked as a yoga and tennis trainer. But through all this I had one dream that motivated me; my father’s wish to see me sing.




If you want something enough, the God works to make it happen for you. One of my yoga trainees invited me to the Juhu gymkhana party. The party being a rare and awaited occasion, I went there. That was the evening that turned the world for me. The star singer of the evening, for some reason, invited me to sing. I accepted his invitation and with that I stepped into another phase of my life; the good phase. I performed “ tere bin sanu soniye” by Rabbi Shergil and was asked to visit his office the next day.

I have been a fairly positive person my entire life and this ray of hope gave me the encouragement that I just needed. I would work so hard on this, I had thought to myself. But I guess I did not deserve it just yet because I never got another call from the office of the star singer. I got back to my routine of fighting my daily battles and served various odd jobs to make my two ends meet in Mumbai. It had been 6 months since the night I had performed but I had got no call. My faith in myself and my destiny had begun to falter. I had been struggling for months now, alone in this city and away from my family. I was so hopeless and wanted to see them. So after having saved some money to buy my tickets home, I went to Bhilwara.

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It had been over 1.5 years since I had last stepped in my own house. I was ecstatic to see my mother and brother. My mother heard of the struggle I had been facing and she had been as supporting as ever. She helped me win back my confidence. My brother, who was then supporting my parents’ household, asked me to sing for him once and I did. I still remember how somehow he had managed to lend me some money out of his meagre savings then and every month that followed just so I don’t stop fighting for my dream. My family was my sole source of strength in those times.

When my brother’s financial hand could not serve me enough I, without telling at home, started to work night shifts at a call centre and various other small paid jobs during the day. I looked for small assignments to sing or write lyrics in Delhi, Jaipur and Bhilwara. I just needed some assurance that I was heading in the right direction.

Then, one day, I decided to revisit the office in Mumbai. It was then that the star from that night had recognized me and I finally got my first show with my family’s grace. Currently, I am working on a project and am writing songs of my own.

This is how I became who I became.




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