Sharing knowledge and teaching makes me calmer – Minakshi Agarwal

Sharing knowledge and teaching makes me calmer – Minakshi Agarwal

September 26, 2017 0 By Illiterate Folks

One of the avocation of mine –  “To teach and share knowledge with inquisitive people” took shape as a way to earn pocket money, when I finished my school and was preparing to enter into college. As an ambitious child I always wanted to do something to earn, as a result of it I started teaching students of all classes till 12th standard.

It was my first time when I started earning, but essence of happiness was missing out of it even after pursuing the hobby. I think it was because the students came to me for tuition just to pass their time and not because of their determination towards knowledge. Many times I tried telling my students the importance of studies but most of the time I failed to influence them. To make a mark on student’s mind, I always tried finding creative ways to teach them and that really worked out.

There is a saying about teaching –

Everyone can have knowledge , but not everyone can share it/teach others.   

Yeah, one really needs to have patience and know the way to share it with others. Though I am a very impatient person but I do not know how I became a calm soul while teaching. I am sure, it is the magic of sharing knowledge with others.

That real zeal of studying and grabbing knowledge, I saw in my maid’s daughter Nisha. One day when her mother was cleaning out some old stuff from my home, she picked  up a scrap book of mine and inquired something about a picture on its cover. When I told her about that picture, a dazzling smile appeared on her face. That gave me the essence of thae happiness which I had  always been  searching in my students. That day I decided to teach her for free till she gave up. Without delaying, I approached her mother for  permission to teach her. But it was not as easy as I was thinking.

For people who have to earn daily wages to meet their needs,every one at their home are a source of income. As a result, when they feel their children are grown up to earn well, they send them for doing something or the other to earn money. For them, studies and education stans second and are a waste of money. Because they believe that studies will not give them bread. In fact, they are afraid to send their kids to school because after seeing other brats,their kids might demand “out of” pocket things, which they could not afford,and this makes them feel down.

The fancy manner in which present schools and kids in it, are growing up, it is really difficult to console your child and ask him/her to focus on studies only. School is the base where kids get all the morals but now it’s quite opposite, except education, school will give you all nonsense. Well the same reason my maid had for not letting her daughter get educated. But I was also stubborn to make sure that Nisha would get her right of education. I tried my hardest to convince her parents to send her to study by showing them future perspectives and importance of education and bingo, I succeeded. We really need to spread awareness and importance of education among daily wages people.

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And from the day I got permission to teach her, till next 3 years when I shifted to another city for my further studies, she bloomed out as a little encyclopedia. She qualified her 10th class exams and got that self-confidence which gave her the path for further studies.

Foreign Student

Throughout my professional career,a part of which was in foreign countries the calmness & happiness, I felt while teaching those students who had zeal and spark in their eyes to learn was entirely different.But it was really found in only a few people.

I hope I would have got more time to teach such children personally, but somehow my ambitiousness didn’t gave me such opportunities back from last few years. I hope I may find sometime in  the near future to indulge myself again, teaching more inquisitive children and becoming calmer & calmer over time.


Minakshi Agarwal


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