An Ode to Success – Ronit Choudhury

An Ode to Success – Ronit Choudhury

June 26, 2016 0 By Ronit Choudhury

Hey there guys. I am Ronit Choudhury, and I am going to tell you something about success.

What is success? Is it some high position you are in where people obey you to your whims and orders? Or is it the eternal glory and fame that you may have acquired by your noble deeds? Well… the answer is much more complicated than that.

You guys must have heard this quote somewhere that “it is not the destination that matters, but the journey that you have taken”. I believe the word ‘success’ is somewhat synonymous to this quote. Let me tell u a story from my life which changed my entire outlook towards success.

I was a nerdy boy when I started college. I had resolved that I am going to make lots of friends and make my college life exciting and happening and made all the vows that a student in his 1st day at college makes. Surely enough I did all of that.13549276_996564747118297_1629348304_o

But slowly I saw my friends engaging themselves into various co-curricular activities. Some went to sports, others joined different clubs like dramatics, hospitality, management etc. As the years passed by, I saw them gaining reputation from juniors and seniors alike. I was happy for them.
But slowly, I started to feel alone. The people whom I called “friends” are now enjoying their new-found position and are busy with their exciting lives.

This made me question myself, what have I done with my life?
Surely I made a lot of friends, but were they going to matter in my life? Are people going to remember me for who I was? Will I gain respect among the people, as my friends were now gaining?
These questions stirred an unfathomable urge to do something memorable in my life.

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I went up to a teacher and asked her if she wants any help with her lab or research work. She took me as her apprentice and I learned a great deal about microbiology and molecular biology. I developed my practical skills and became proficient in chemical analysis. I worked hard and gained all the knowledge that I could gather so that I could develop myself in the field I will chose to study later in my life. I decided, then and there, that my goal is to become the Best Biological Researcher there ever will be and contribute to humanity.

My hard work and determination resulted in my name being given to a research paper under the guidance of my teacher. It is great deal for me as there are very few students with their name in any kind of journal. This I believe is the beginning of my exciting journey on a path called “success”. Now my teacher said she may also give my name in another paper. I couldn’t be anymore happier.


13518153_997142313727207_1994238009_oSo guys, remember this: People will remember you NOT for who you are NOW, but will remember you for who you were UPTILL NOW.

So make a goal and work hard towards it. Success will automatically follow you 

Thank You.

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